AA missiles

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AA missiles

#1 Post by dabranocka » May 10 2017

Do all AA units have missile capacity = 0 and max missile size = 0? For example SA-3 Goa, MIM-104 Patriot. If they do not have a rocket, do they attack planes at all?

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Re: AA missiles

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » May 10 2017

Yes they will fire at aircraft. The ant-air stats are included into the "base units" damage. The missile capacity is zero to indicate it cannot have external missiles.

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Re: AA missiles

#3 Post by georgios » Jul 25 2017

I ask for opinions:

Some missile firing weapons fire general ammunition (military goods), other are able to fire only missile units and other fire both. The first depend on general supply, the other depend on missile unit availability.

What do you think about all missile firing weapons become with zero "base damage", able only to fire missile units?

AA and AT soldiers/vehicles, missile artillery/MLRS, missile ships and of course aircraft will be out of battle (and vulnerable) if the proper missiles are not in the inventory.

It will it add to realism and tactics but increases micromanagement.

Of course new missiles must be scripted, for example AA missiles for aircraft that are absent..

The opposite is to make all missile platforms (especially large launchers) capable to fire a standard ammo and the missile ammo becomes an extra ability. In reality missile launcher crews carry a service gun too and most vehicles are equipped with a machine gun for close combat. Is it realistic to be totally defenseless when they have not their super missiles loaded?

An other concern is the damage of missile units. Heavy and expensive missiles do a relative small damage comparing with missile weapons that fire continuously "basic ammo" (military goods)

How much the current situation distorts the balance between the various missile units?


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