SteamSupreme's 5x more $CASH$ to build DEFAULT.UNIT mod

What is the world like in 2020? What are the different ways to play? How can I create my own futuristic scenario and country groupings?

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SteamSupreme's 5x more $CASH$ to build DEFAULT.UNIT mod

#1 Post by SteamSupreme » Jun 08 2018

1., is the default DEFAULT.UNIT with the money cost of each unit (excluding buildings) increased by 5.

2. is a little bit more ambitious:
--x5 to build Ground units with cash, crew, Uranium, Fuel and ammo.
--x3 more for aircraft
--x0 for ships (as they do not seem much a problem for 1000+ unit globs)
--barracks have had personnel increased (needed as I gather they crew the ground units),
--but no cost cost changes for bldgs.
--Build time speed is unaffected

Requiring 5x these things for build especially for GROUND UNITS should keep the game more manageable later on.
Reserves take longer to deploy as more manpower is needed for crew (another reason I left the ships alone as otherwise it took years to deploy a reserve aircraft carrier ).

The idea is to slow up a bit the mass production of ground units so the game does not drag in later stages.
The guess is instead of 2000 units piled up somewhere by the AI, it will be closer to 500.

3. also includes a map with RUGE's FERRY and TUNNEL fixes on the Global Crisis map.
allowing the AI to cross rivers where they tended to get stuck before.
!!!Credit to RUGE!!!
If you use the 2nd zip it also contains an optional file that allies the US with Israel, South Korea and Canada.
This gives the US something right away to work towards as almost immediately Israel and S. Korea are at war.
An experimental unit "Division" is included. It acts as a wrapper to load easily maybe a dozen ground units in.
When they arrive at their destination unload them.

4. To use the
(yes you have to cache yourself)
rename DEFAULT.UNIT, usually found in but not always C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\Maps\DATA\ to DEFAULT.bakUNIT or copy that file to another location. The archive includes a DEFAULT.oriUNIT (original).
From archive, copy into the DATA fldr the DEFAULT.UNIT file.

5.THEN go to
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\CacheGC and rename (if wanting to use Global Crises to from Global Crisis.SAV to Crisis.ORISAV.

6. Open Supreme Ruler 2020>Singleplayer>Campaign and select Global Crises and adjust your settings (World volatility etc) and launch game.
NOTHING will happen for many minutes, yes CACHING (15, maybe 25m on my BOOTCAMP Win 8.1; 3.40ghz iMAC 2012 i7 3770, hey it runs FarCry4 and Batman Arkham Knight),
Then it will drop you back to where you select Campaign, Scenario, Load Game or Return to Menu.
Select LOAD and you will see:
Cached -Global Crises -SC and choose that, game will load
Go check your military units and they now cost 5x more $CASH$ to build .

NOTE if you again select Global Crisis from Campaign menu rather than the saved game, it will recache and you will wait another 15-25m (if your computer is comparable to mine).

7. 8. To have as a CAMPAIGN FILE

Get the newly created cache file which is likely found C:\Documents\My Games\Supreme Ruler 2020\Savegame\CACHED - Global Crisis-GC.SAV

9. COPY/MOVE CACHED - Global Crisis-GC.SAV
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\CacheGC and rename Global Crisis-GC.SAV
to Global Crisis.SAV ,
then you can select Global Crisis from the Campaign menu and setup your country as normal, except now 5x more $CASH$ for building units will be "baked in!"

10. To use
unzip into your C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\
Files will be over written (back them up):
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\Maps\DATA\DEFAULT.UNIT (increase costs of ground units by x5, air x3, ships x0 MAY BE USED SEPARATELY from the other files) .
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\Maps\GlobalCrisis.OOF (map file with RUGE fixes)
C:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Supreme Ruler 2020\CampaignGC\GlobalCrisis.csv (allies USA with Israel, S. Korea and Canada)
(originals are included in case something goes wrong with the backup)

Create a cache as with steps 5-9 and save it as a campaign.

To undo the procedure, copy back all the saved files from their archive location or rename them to their original titles, else verify integrity of game files (in Steam).

In the following files the following has been edited:
Crew Size
Uranium Cost
Fuel capacity
AK Ammo Capacity only changes how much money Land Sea and Air units cost

5xLandAirSeaDEFAULT.UNIT 5x Land, Air, and Sea
5xLandAir0xSeaDEFAULT.UNIT 5x Land and Air no change to Sea
5xLand0xSea3xAirDEFAULT.UNIT 5x Land no change Sea 3x Air
5xLandAir0xSeaFORTeditDEFAULT.UNIT 5x Land and Air no change to Sea FORTs and barracks given initiative attack edits

All files compatible with Ruges Map Ferry and Tunnel fixes found in:
USA starts with Israel, Canada and South Korea

DEFAULT.UNIT file Editor/Browser was used to assist creating these files, THANKS BattleGoat
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(879.01 KiB) Downloaded 47 times
(1005.45 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
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Re: SteamSupreme's 5x more $CASH$ to build DEFAULT.UNIT mod

#2 Post by SteamSupreme » Jun 22 2018

This section is for $CASH$ mod developer notes
---The division(used in is a unit described somewhere on these forums
>>>.... here is my hack for unit heirachy (Divisions)

My premise is to use a transport unit (I choose a supply truck) and vastly increase the cargo capacity and then use it as a division marker to move my units around in. Once I get to the fight I unload everyone and have a battle. After the battle is over I load everyone back up and it's off to the next site.

I modified the DEFAULT.UNIT file and took the basic supply truck and copied it to a new line, renaming it as "Division". I then increased the number of unit to 99 and vastly increased the cargo capacity to 500.
I also increased full burn and supply consumption for the unit to repsent the increased logistics.

Now, when I get several combat units together, I can load them up into the Division unit (and rename it (i.e. 1st Inf Div). Now I can keep multiple units together just by moving the Division unit.

Where this breaks down is that I cannot fight with the units loaded of course (game engine treats all combat units as cargo).

Now if the goats could modify the game to offically allow for a Division Container that would consume logitiscs, but fight with the capability of the units embarked, that would give us a workaround until a better solution is found. It's a hack, but at least it helps me keep my 2000+ units better managed.

It does break down in the actual combat and you have to fudge it a bit to keep the logistics side intact, but to me it is much better to select 1 unit "3rd Mech Inf" which has 4 x M2 Bradley, 2 x M1 Abrams and 1 M x109 inside it to keep track of moving it around.

I think it's useful as it works with the existing U.I. To make a real fix you would not have to change the G.U.I. but make changes to the game engine to allow combat while "embarkked" and consume logistics.

It also works for Aircraft "Group into Wings" and Ships "Task Forces"...>>>
#1 Post by pitchblack » Jun 23 2008
As you see its barebones the Division was not precisely described except its cargo is 500 (I used 20000 but not sure it is appearing that way ingame) and "increased the number of unit to 99 " I have no idea what that means.

The distance was 700km with 20 fuel, the stock supply truck goes 700 with less than 1 fuel.

In any case it is a way to keep land units grouped together

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Re: SteamSupreme's 5x more $CASH$ to build DEFAULT.UNIT mod

#3 Post by SteamSupreme » Jun 23 2018

I suggest the 5x land, air and no change on the money or resource of the ships ( posted below ) as the AI does not build ships like land or air units.

Results so far:
Year 2024
USA player controlled using mod 5xCost fuel, crew, goods, cash for ground /air, (ships, Ur cost unchanged).
AI minister set to improve infrastructure, balance budget
Autobuild on
Economy +726,705m 44,521 up (peace)
deployed 989
reserve 2648
ships 373 total
air 901 total
Russia (at war ) AI controlled
Economy -684,308m 12993 down
deployed 1695
reserve 15
ships 144 total
air 160 total

China (at war ) AI controlled
Economy +8,530m 5,805 up
deployed 2775
reserve 201
ships 280 total
air 450 total

India (at war ) AI controlled
Economy +24,365m 3821m up
Deployed 588
Reserve 22
Ships 201 total
Air 160 total

Year 2031
USA player controlled 5xCost fuel, crew, goods, cash for ground /air, ships left alone.
AI minister set to improve infrastructure, balance budget
Autobuild on
Economy +1,004,952m 49,866 up (peace)
deployed 1559
reserve 2463
ships 512 total
air 1300 total
Russia (at war ) AI controlled
their economy tanked and unit count so low (114) not wasting my time

China (at war ) AI controlled
Economy -130m 5,548 up
deployed 3531
reserve 303
ships 275 total
air 800 total

India (at war ) AI controlled
Economy +63,942m 5,100m up
Deployed 1459
Reserve 78
Ships 261 total
Air 325 total

Using 5xCostLandAir0x shipUr
= MUCH lower late game unit count with same results.
India is ahead
as well as Brazil BTW 1225/87 deployed/ reserved
Air 212 Ships 109.

(Added here because the top message seems to mess with my previous attachments)

5xCost fuel, crew, goods, cash for ground, air;
Barracks forts have initiative
NO change to Uranium
Ships left alone.
(403.55 KiB) Downloaded 41 times

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