Proposed Rebel Weapon - Is it possible?

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Proposed Rebel Weapon - Is it possible?

#1 Post by Soviet2141 » Aug 13 2017

Hello all,

I've been a fan of Supreme Ruler 2020 for several years, and I've taken a special liking to the versatility that modding provides to the experience. I've recently created a scenario in which a rebel organization takes control of a state in Northern Africa, converting it into a rogue state (think something like the GLA from C&C), and in allocating the weapons that are available to such a state, I've been thinking about improvised weapons that such an organization may use, which leads me to my question.

I've tried creating a version of the supply truck, and modifying it to carry ordinance (i.e: the standard free-fall bomb) without success. I would like to know if it is at all possible to make a modded ground vehicle that could carry bombs, as it would add an interesting dynamic when playing, whether role playing as a rogue state or fighting against it.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

EDIT: 9/4/2017: Just to clarify, I wanted to know if it was possible to create a bomb truck type vehicle (again, think Command and Conquer), that would be able to deliver a bomb to a ground unit or facility. Obviously there are ground vehicles that carry rockets and missiles.

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Re: Proposed Rebel Weapon - Is it possible?

#2 Post by Jaided » Dec 12 2018

It is good and interesting as well. Will follow closely

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