China keeps bothering me!

With more regions available at once, who will you trade with? Who will you ignore? Will you trade for products, technologies, military designs or treaties? How much will you trade with your future enemies?

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China keeps bothering me!

#1 Post by oberkommando » May 27 2011

Hello, I am playing as India, by now i DOW Pakistan and Bangladesh, and i am fighting another neighbor, but this time China wont give up and i cannot make peaces with them, is there any way to make them look up for peace time between us? this is very amusing.

Thank you very much.

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Re: China keeps bothering me!

#2 Post by stephen » May 27 2011

Send them gifts (anything beside oil and mil goods :-) ), this is the only way, and if the diplo bar is at 0 - there are very few chances to make peace with them.
You better fight them until the casualties are to high and they may accept peace.
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Re: China keeps bothering me!

#3 Post by tkobo » Jun 21 2011

You can also crush their economy.The longer a war drags on with no successes on their end,and the worse things get economy wise for them, the more likely they are to ask for peace themselves.

When the US and canada go at it in game,if a stalemate drags on and their economies tank,they often make peace.It can take many years ,but its a fairly common occurrence between those 2.
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