Funny Game so far

With more regions available at once, who will you trade with? Who will you ignore? Will you trade for products, technologies, military designs or treaties? How much will you trade with your future enemies?

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Funny Game so far

#1 Post by Malkuth » Jun 23 2008

First wars to start as me being Australia is the USA attacks canada. Ok but listen to this... the whole world, I MEAN THE WHOLE WORLD declares war on the USA but ME!! Holy crap.

I left the game. Come back today to play a little. Canada and mexico right at start of the save SURRENDERS!!!. Last time I left Canada actually had troops in the usa and was taking some cities!!! Mexico border was still intact!


I took New Zealand after losing half my army to that dam Garrison capital. USA gets given two huge countries for free.


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Re: Funny Game so far

#2 Post by georgios » Nov 28 2012

To take new zealand (and any other island) a good strategy is to capture the island with the smaller defence and bombard from there the other. They can't make a landing against you. Island regions usally have large concertrations of units making your landing impossible. So it is needed to harrass them before land.

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