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Best Interceptor

#1 Post by VelocityTek » Oct 16 2014

I was playing as UK and fighting China. Anyways I knew China had a ton of air, so I move my air in groups of 200 (I only had 200 F-35's so they all went in). Now F-35's are damn good Multi Role Fighters, but when it comes to Dog Fights, the Interceptor class is best for that.

Question 1: What is the best Interceptor aircraft, or fighter/bomber? (Keep in mind I am fairly advanced, so shoot your favourites out)
My option so far is the NI-2 Shearwater, I can always boost research if I need to as I am tech level 128 atm.
F22D Raptors
F-112 Blackbird 2
F-117A NightHawk
Question 2: After the F-35 in the Multi Role Catagory which do you like best?
I have the JAS-39 Gripens (E and F)
Terra Seeker
F/A 18 Super Hornet
Eurofighter IIA Typhoon
Eurofighter IIA Typhoon Adv (Currently Researching ATM)
Liter Lamp (Currently researching ATM)
CA-2 Peregrine
F/A 131 Guardian (Currently Own)

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Re: Best Interceptor

#2 Post by Stangryn » Oct 17 2014

I'd go with the F-22 personally from that list you gave. Usually, I play the soviet side of things and at roughly the same tech level try grabbing the Su-37 Berkut (which I think actually outperforms the F22 in hit and run dogfights... not to be mistaken with standoff where the F-22 seems to either have better vision or range so can attack me while I can't get them. Though, it might not help that I'm usually over their friendly territory so they can attack using other units' LoS to ID me.)

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Re: Best Interceptor

#3 Post by GIJoe597 » Oct 17 2014

Just a few more levels and I will suggest the Tera Rover to perform both intercepts and ground attacks. It has good travel range, great speed, high stealth and great air and ground attack ranges. Instead of having x number of Interceptors and x number of FB's have one force of Terra Rovers. The Terra Rover is really the first in a new generation of airframes which can really be called multi-role. (in game)


F-22D - A fine craft and I generally use these until the Terra Rover comes online. (I use the FB-22 Delta Raptor as a FB until Terra Rover)
F-112A - Looks good on paper, but will spend an enormous amount of time in repair, very expensive.
The F-117A is not for air to air. Also has a very long repair rate when used as a FB, I do not use them.
F-35 The only one I use is the F-35C CV as carrier planes. The rest I ignore.
F/A-131 - By the time you can start producing these in numbers, the Terra Rover is available, so I by pass these, keeping the F-22D until TR.

General comment... I have noticed when dealing with air to air battles, range and stealth are the two biggest factors.

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