How to build and use nukes?

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How to build and use nukes?

#1 Post by Hellbeans » Jun 22 2008

I already asked about this in another thread I made, got no response, so maybe since I haven't seen this question here everyone can throw in information, how they do it, Guides you found etc...

I've spent 3 hours trying to figure it out...but because the game goes kinda slow...I decided to ask you guys before devoting resources :-)

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Re: How to build and use nukes?

#2 Post by georgios » Nov 28 2012

Tactical nukes are built like all missiles. To launch them you must allow nuclear weapons (the button is at defence department). But strategic nukes are not active in the game. You must mod the .unit file to convert them to tactical without changing their other properties. Then they can be deployed in the tactical launchers. Unfortunatelly the building "missile silo" that exists in the graphics file, even if activated is not capable to fire any missiles. It can only be used as the anti air defence buildings.

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