Proposal: AI's Military

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Hullu Hevonen
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Proposal: AI's Military

#1 Post by Hullu Hevonen » Feb 21 2010


I have an idea that could help make the game faster for some people.

The Game usually get slower through time while you play, one reason to this is that every AI Spam their nation with new units, even those who are in peace or in no threat. Eg. USA has been almost continually involved in conflicts/wars around the globe since beginning of Cold war/end of WW2, but they haven't launched(and/or Needed) a full scale invasion of anyone and haven't launched any "Spam" mobilizations. And yes, but a country like USA would always have a continuous military production, just to replace broken equip,to replace old equip or any other logical reason.

So, I think there should be limits to the AI that they cannot mobilize more then X% when at Peace(this could be tied to the Def-con, manpower, government, people or size) or at war. And give them the ability to replace old equipment, when the limit is meat they start overwaying the possibility to replace an old unit whit an never one, either by scraping or selling the old unit to get room for the new one. There would be exceptions of course, eg. Luxemburg whit a few units would be able to have an 100% at peace, though when their military grow over a certain level, they would gradually get the limit. And the Human player could also be a exception to this limit, since he/her would be smart enough to do these thing on his/her own.

If Russia declare war on South Ossetia, then they would not probably even need to mobilize to in order to invade South Ossetia, but they would still be in war. South Ossetia would of course get full mobilization. Also If there is units that is up for scraping then they could appear in the AI's Unit availability list(or what it is called) in the diplomatic view, and you could take in offers(this way countries that can't build their own military could buy from foreign countries).

If def-con is 1 then the AI could use eg. 10% of their manpower to have mobilized, then if the limit is filled and there is available better design, then build X amount of that design and try to sell old units, if that not work then scrap the old units when the new ones is done.

I would guess that all this could make the game run more effectively and maybe even faster. :-)
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Re: Proposal: AI's Military

#2 Post by GTwice » May 15 2010

For me (but probably for many others - am I right?) this is one of the most important things in SR2020 - limiting the continous massive military buildup in every country on the map (at least the ones with military fabs, of course :P ). Not only for gamespeed reasons (although that's very important as well) but also for the sake of realism and gameplay style.
First, it's just ridiculous when countries in peace for many years are having trouble with free terrain in the game - they simply produce so many units that they soon start to stack them in foreign countries. It's just crazy to see tens of hexes around main land fabs filled with anything, particularly artillery, because it seems that AI doesn't possition them defensively. And all those aircrafts circling around airfields all the time.
And what about gameplay? I think it would make the game more, hmmmm... tactical? I mean, now it usually comes to building more and faster than your opponent (yeah, I know the quality and types of units count, as well as tactics, but no so much - at least from my expieriences). Then you select a hundred (or two, or five) of infantry/tanks/fighters batalions, and send them against enemy's another few hundreds. That's just too much, you can't control it (unless you're Korean that is ;) ). With a bit of limitation, it would walue quality much more, and also allow you to control battles more precisely, care more about your units, value each aspect of warfare, exploit each weakness and strength etc.

Easier said than, done, you say? Well, I don't think so really. I'd start with limiting the production of the units instead of their deployment. I've done some research at the beginning of campaign, and it seems that ratio of units/citizens is quite constant, also being tied to gdp/c. Rich countries have like 3-5 land units per 1million citizens, 0,5-1,2 air and 0,7-1,2 sea. In poorer regions it's the same proportions, just divided by 3-5 etc. Then, the easiest and quickest way is to simply put additional condition when AI selects what unit to build - if we're above the cap - we build nothing. Of course, the limit should be higher than starting unit count to allow some room for growth. And yes, it would be much nicer if the limit wasn't hard, but affect CB and provo of another countries etc, but I guess this might require much more work (although it seems that these parameters are affected by number of active unit fabs right now, so changing it to the number of units instead could be possible).
Then comes the forementioned percentage of units deployed - but that would require a new algorithm for AI to choose which ones to deploy (or maybe reuse the one whch selects building queue?), right?

Yes, in know it's a very basic idea, requires much more research and a lot of deep thinking, but isn't it at least worth considering? Especially as an option, to allow massive wars for those who actually like them?


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