Expanded unit trading

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Expanded unit trading

#1 Post by Apoffys » Dec 24 2009

Starting a seperate thread on this, was originally discussed here: http://www.bgforums.com/forums/viewtopi ... 0&start=45

At the moment offers of unit trades are random (if certain criteria are filled), and only the seller can initiate the trade.
What I would like to see (I understand it's unlikely to be added in a regular patch, but maybe an expansion?) is a system where I can either approach a specific nation and say "I need interceptors, do you have any to sell?" and/or be able to set up an open bid system similar to the world market.

The first system might be the easiest to implement. I know you hide the list of units in the trade window (which is why I can't ask for units), but how about revealing those units that the AI is willing to sell? That way we can't see what high-tech stuff they have, only browse their selection of outdated junk, which would hardly give me any advantage information-wise.

The second system I envision to be similar to craigslist in a way, any nation can add a note on it that basically says for example "We need 5 battalions of artillery". All the other nations (that are looking to sell units) would see this, and send an offer for anywhere between 1 and 5 battalions of artillery.

In either system, the ability to suggest either a specific price OR a price as a percentage of the unit's value would be nice, but not required.

Questions? Comments? Unrelated ranting?


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