Economic Collapse

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Economic Collapse

Post by Cirdan »

Now THAT's a feature i want to see in 2020. In 2010 there simply are not enough penalties for ******* up your economy and treasury so badly there's no recovery; in my current game as Syria, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Turkey are all billions into the red. They have massive national debts, they cannot issue any new bonds and are no doubt paying a fortune in interests, their deficits are only getting worse, they suffer from various shortages every single day, and they cannot build any new units, continue R&D work or purchase anything from the WM (although i'm sure they all continue to get freebies :roll: ). But otherwise they are fine. Sure, their populations don't have enough food to eat or water to drink, they can't even buy bling because there's a shortage of that, and did i mention that they lack wooden stuff while thousands of tonnes of high-quality Lebanese cedar are rotting in my warehouses? But despite all that there's no sign of revolts or coup d'Etat, in fact the Saudis have rising DAR and population despite their permanent "critical shortage" of agriculture.

And of course, how did they get there? Well, they built to many troops, declared war on Iran when most of them can't get their troops to the front and most of those who can have barely moved, then raised their DEFCON to the max. They've also built whatever they could, meaning there are huge fleets of AOE big civillian ships and air force bases overflowing with J-6 farmers running around. Did i mention that something like forty squadrons of AI aircraft--more than 720 aeroplanes--have been destroyed in crash landings? Of course, despite the fact that i have been building as much as i could sustain (and i've had to build two new airbases and a mil outpost, upgrade a sea pier to sea port, and of course add innumerable airstrips in order to do so) and now possess about one hundred nuclear warheads (ranging in size from 10 to 200 kilotons) the AI states almost all have more powerful armed forces than mine, according to the bar diagramm for military power. I'm at the same level as Oman and the UAE; the standing Qatari army needs about one-and-a-half times their country's area to deploy, so that they're spilling into Saudi Arabia.

And of course, all this AI sillyness would have Syrian officials laughing their arses off--if it wern't for the fact it has now induced a region-wide economic crisis. Syrian exports arn't selling, because potential buyers have no cash with which to buy them. Of course, i can afford to give some things away as aid--but without the massive ammounts of income generated by the Syrian manufacturing sector's exports, my economy is in big trouble. For the moment, i have gotten it back on the right track; but Iran is the last major market in the area to still have a solvent government, and since they're fighting on three fronts, i don't know how long that will last. When the AI's stupidity actually makes the game harder, you know something has gone wrong.

So please, for the next game, could this kind of sheer idiocy destroy a government? After all, in real life, starving and thirsty people would be dying in droves, while those who can flee to a country with a more sensible government would do so. And of course, if the AI only rarely messed itself up like this, it would good as well. You (the Goats) have done quite a good job considering how small a team you are, but when I have a game ruined likes this it is really annoying. I wonder, how moddable is your AI? But anyway, just remember, SR2020 would be worthwhile even if all it does is fix these most blatant of 2010's problems.
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Post by Khorne »

Omg that was hilarious! but yes in sr2010 the economic model was always a major problem.
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Post by tkobo »

Its been talked about in the past,and something id really like to see in the game at some point, change of a AI regions government that actually meant something.

This would really have some meaning if the idea about getting regions to join you by "friendly"means was also in game.

This way a region could collapse, change its government type, become more suceptable to outside influence and possibly even be wooed by a another region (even a former enemy) to join them peacefully.
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