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nghtmre15 wrote:
dust off wrote:I'd have to agree that the precious coding time would likely be better spent on the Ai and other priorities.
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Perhaps if you change your mind/have time to do it you may want to...

What about the option/event of blowing up a nuclear plant???

Perhaps you conquer a part of the country and they have this huge army you didn’t notice and you are screwed! But no! You control a nuclear plant of the enemy you blow it up and create a nice radioactive delay! The strategic implications will be real cool! And we can finally use that handy training/equipment against nuclear/chemical attacks.

kind of AUTO DESTRUCTION BUTTON we all wish things have.
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Cyberpunk666AR wrote:What about the option/event of blowing up a nuclear plant???
Stuff like this would fit more with the Covert Ops section being designed. We'll see what's available in that when the design is complete.
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