Unit Transport Lessons Learned?

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Unit Transport Lessons Learned?

Post by Empier4552 »

So lets not forget how SR2010 was with transporting units i still have issues transporting by sea to enemy territory especially with ships turning tail or not being able to deploy because we have no sea pier (Anyitme i selected units for sea transport all transports would move even if they didn't have amphib capability to take em hmm).

Also lets not forget aircraft (Helicopters and their refuel oddities? Hell even aircraft have their refuel oddities)

But this is 2020 now! Seeing as its 2020 do we have new transport options? Orbital Drops? (Starship Troopers anyone? THe BOOK not the movie though the movie has interesting ideas to I suppose).
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no new options yet, but we're not really at that design stage right now. If you've got specific ideas, share them. (there is already a thread in the 2010 Wishlist forum with some discussions along these lines).
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