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BigStone wrote:
Legend wrote:..., by -environment - what are you looking for? If it's weather, for SR2020 the answer is, it won't be in the game.
I don't know if 2020 will be using the same facilities as in 2010 or
that the production will be expanded with lets say steelworks,reffineries
(nitro)chemical industry etc...
But placing pollution industry (and airbases in urban territory) should have a bigger impact in the game.
If you don't spend on environment you should see it directly on your Dar
and diplo ratings with other regions.
Same thing for culture.....

That is an interesting comment. Not one I would expect to hear in the U.S. (outside of, say, Berkeley California).

There are a lot of people in Detroit, for instance, that would be excited if Ford were to open a new assembely line downtown. Many, in fact most, commerial airports in the U.S. are located close to urban settings -- in fact when they rebuilt the Denver airport farther out of town a few years ago, there was a storm of protest. Same for D.C. about 30 years ago.

Things aren't viewed in the same light everywhere when environmental issues are concerned. Nor are they consistent internally. For instance, if you want to get away from coal plants for electricity, you would think that nuclear plants would be the next logical choice. Well, it may be logical, but in the U.S. there is huge resistance to adopting nuclear power on a widespread basis. I don't think a new nuclear power plant has been built in the U.S. in over 20 years.

If pollution, even pollution per capita, affects Diplomatic Relations, China and India are in big trouble. I have been in both countries, and let me tell you that you've never seen pollution until you are in Beijing or Mumbai or Bangkok on a hot afternoon during rush hour -- it's enough to make Los Angeles look like, well, The City of Angels.

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Post by BigStone »

You're right Feltan that this issue is regional bounded.
But this is a game and i believe that the Goats don't ignore the "educational" aspects of their games.... :wink:

It will be a matter of time when the Chinees and Indian peeps will see that they are abusing/destroying their country and that the quallity of live is more important then economic grow
It took us here (in the Netherlands) just a 20-30 years ago to realise that.
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One aspect I'm trying to incorporate into the storyline is from a recent Time or Newsweek article (I forget which) about the growing "Pitchfork Rebellion" in China, where essentially the rural Chinese are starting to get more vocal about the urban and industrial effects on their land.
- David
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Well it would be hard for any leader to really spread religion unless they were a theocracy.... What would a theocracy in SR 2020 do? Train infantry, tanks, anti-tanks, and missionaries? I'm mean that'd be kinda silly. Maybe if tons of new facilities were added, it could work. For instance if you could build state churches (thus become a theocracy) or maybe just give tax aid to religious groups, maybe the population could become more loyal and work harder and output increases.... But if you do bad things maybe the religious population will give up their support for you. However in terms of economy and military, I don't really see how religion can really help. Besides, you can't simply say religious people will be more loyal or work harder.... Thats quite a presumption. So I don't know.

What I think would be kinda cool is more facilities though with more effects. i.e. the ability to build major hospitals, colleges, etc that generate a more visible social service level. I know in SR2010 this was done automatically by education funding, health care funding, and so on, but if we cannot actually order the building of hospitals, I wish more statistics could be added... i.e. "517 hospitals serve 85% of the population" or whatever. That may have been worked into 2010, but I would at least like to know more how my country looks rather than simply knowing I am spending the recommended funding on health care.

Oh a side note I think would be really cool, have a quere for research i.e. you can have one tech waiting to be researched right after the currert tech is discovered. This would be really helpful because there are times where my economy was great and I had no military threats nearby, so I just wanted to research techs for a year..... But sitting by the computer waiting for 8 turns to pass kinda sucks. I wish we could select a "research next" tech or something so, if we are confident/stupid enough, we can let our country run on its own for an hour or so without having to come back to play with research funding or directing what tech to research next.

Hmmm what else....

I think the actual political structures of the country should be increased. I know we are supposed to be the "Supreme Ruler" but even Saddam and Hitler had political guys under them. Maybe have Cabinet meetings where they actually tell you what is going on in that department, not just a notice saying, "increase investment" or "product shortage". I think the old Civilization II (not Call to Power but the older one) did a fine job on that. The military dude either said, "No complaints sire" or "I need units!", the social services dude said, "The people love you" etc. Maybe do not be that corny but it would be cool if the cabinet actually talked to me more. I like people talking to me. :-)

This one may be a throw-away suggestion, but be able to actually DO stuff with your leader. i.e. be able to move him to a certain town and (depending on his popularity) the mood around the area will be affected. The natural question would follow: could he be killed? ................ Well.... maybe........ I don't know thats up to you guys. If an invading army takes the town the leader is in before we move him, the game ends.... Our country may chose another leader and go on, but our character, the Supreme Ruler, is dead.... Thus the game should end. lol but thats just a crazy though. But to elaborate, maybe we could send him to cities and give speeches there to increase the population's support, go to factories to encourage the workers, go to the military bases to rally the troops, etc. Perhaps we can either handle the minor detals about WHERE our leader goes (i.e. to a certain town or certain factory or certain base) or just click an auto button like "go on a campaign to the towns" or whatever and he'll automatically move around. It would be a good way to manage political support we get, because when I vote for president I don't think soley, "What is his tax rate for low income housing" or "how much funding is he giving to health care?".... Perhaps there can be some negative effects to moving your leader. Maybe it is costly or something like that.

Lastly, maybe a more efficient news service thingy, or the media. Perhaps we can give tax breaks to media outlets that favor us, which would have obvious advantages to our political support. Maybe have an option to censor the media, especially in times of war where we don't want them to read that we just bombed 25,000 civilians. Perhaps the media can list the most problematic issues the people see.... i.e. a report that "Outrage at the War increases" or "Unemployment hits 50%! Mexicans declare, 'why on earth did I chose this country?" (lol jk)

You can throw away about 90% of those ideas, but I would really really like the research quere, and secondly a more interactive cabinet.
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Post by Legend »

A more interactive cabinet - is being planned.
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I mistrust automating complex maneuvers - not just in this game, but in just about all of them.

The way Galactic civ implemnted penaltie if you lost senate elections was cool

One this that nonplused me was that other democracies policies didn't alter after elections.
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