eror problem with the unit after using CE

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eror problem with the unit after using CE

#1 Post by Luffiu » Mar 16 2014

i got a problem with CE for 6.8.1, for for first there's nothing wrong with the cheat, but i realize something wrong with it after a couple hour i used it. i used indonesia and of course use the cheat, but malaysia got the effect too, i don't know what happen but ignore it because i already planing to attack it. after malaysia dow to me for first there's nothing wrong with it because our unit do the job like the usual, kill or be killed. but after that i use amphibious attack to land my army to their main land my unit and malaysia unit didn't want to fight each other, even my unit getting close to their city, nothing happen. i can't control their city, as well as with them also can not attack me |O . i can attack them but using missile, but it will be useless when I can not take over their city. is someone can help me? :-(

-my GDP stop on 158 B :roll: because i stop it with CE before something bad with demand happen.
-my money? don't ask it
-i using research cheat to make research efficience onto 2000%
-i using cheat demand for vital production, because GDP effect.

can someone know what wrong with my problem? :-( |O

thanks for help, best regards :)

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Re: eror problem with the unit after using CE

#3 Post by notus » Mar 16 2014

GIJoe597 wrote:What is CE?
Pretty sure that it is Cheat Engine

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