Ever start a new game with a country you've played before?

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Ever start a new game with a country you've played before?

#1 Post by Antonin » Feb 05 2014

I rarely do this. It just almost seems too...familiar to play a country I've played before.

So far I've played Brazil, Iran, Philippines, Cuba, Niger, Mali, South Africa, Australia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the US state of Ohio [in Shattered World] and South China [also in Shattered World]. Maybe a couple other countries as well. My games either take a long time before I abandon them, or they end quickly in defeat.

I'm tempted to start a new South China game to see if I can get the game conditions set in a way that will make it more fun. I want to be able to develop the country, and I want to have some warfare, but on high volatility I wind up at war very quickly with Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea and India. I find it very difficult to handle wars on multiple fronts.

My game as Iran was interesting, because the early war with Turkey is winnable. After that I was able to carve out an empire that extended all the way to western China and the eastern border of India. I lost that game, though, when the hard drive on our desktop computer died.

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Re: Ever start a new game with a country you've played befor

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » Feb 12 2014

I play many different countries, but yes I have also played many games back to back as the same country. I sometimes also have 2 games ongoing with the same country but 2 different goals. As an example, I may have 2 games as USA, in one I immediately go for world conquest, in the other I play peacekeeper and never declare war, just fighting if declared on.

The second type of game can be very fun, supporting the "good" guys around the world with aid packages, units and money, ensuring they win without the USA ever having fired a shot. It can be very challenging at times to keep Israel in money, goods and units while maintaining an infrastructure upgrade in the USA and balancing the budget. Now throw in doing that while also injecting cash/units/ etc. into Iraq, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to thwart Iran and it gets really fun :P

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