Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

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Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#1 Post by NukemRico » Nov 11 2012

Hi all! Back playing after a break, and would like to see what everyone's favorite country and overall goal is for sandbox mode. I loved Twilight:2000 back in the day and so am thinking of something involving Poland. Another idea I wanna try is playing Illinois (home state) in GC. I'm not much for "take over the world" cause I imagine it gets burdensome after a point just trying to manage a ginormous country and battles everywhere. Goofy oddball goals are more my speed, so lets hear em peeps. :D
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Re: Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » Nov 12 2012

I am currently replaying all the individual scenarios. Have had some tense moments, especially when playing the custom scenario, Battle of India. I was playing as New Delhi and was caught unprepared with all my forces on the east border fighting there. (Scenario starts with limited units). Punjab declared war and stormed in with everything they had directly to my capital. By the time I managed to get a blocking force from the east the only thing standing was my captital, New Delhi. I had 2 inadequate FB's to attempt to hold them up, both squadrons were destroyed in the initial Punjab assault.

Here I am with a handful of mech inf, (New Delhi starts with 9 BMP-1 / 2) and about 15 tanks of varying usefulness. The only thing that saved the game for me was artillery and the river (Yamuna?).

Just as I was starting to get a handle on it, Rajasthan pours across the border. Was very entertaining, that game.

For general campaign play, If I am playing just for my enjoyment, I do prefer the poorest/smallest countries to play with. I recently dominated with Afghanistan and that was a challenge. The biggest issue, as in real life, is logistics in that part of the world. Another thing I have wanted to do again is start as Lesotho or Swaziland. Both of these are inside of S. Africa and can be quite challenging also. If you anger S. Africa in your attempt to build up, you are done.

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Re: Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#3 Post by Anthropoid » Dec 11 2012

I'm new to the game. Was intrigued at the Egypt tutorial so I have been messing with that to learn how to play. Lesson learned: an army of 100 crap units is not as good as an army of 45 modern high quality units.

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Re: Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#4 Post by Aragos » Jan 24 2013

Honestly, playing Shattered World and a small US state with some military gear is awesome (like Arkansas or Oregon--where you have a chance to survive). Set to VH volitility and go. A lot of fun.

Hint: Let the big guys exhaust themselves first, then take them out. Trade for tech, esp. the An-225 transport plane...you can resell the plans to everyone and have enough cash to float yourself until you can expand.

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Re: Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#5 Post by Uriens » Jan 24 2013

I customized Shattered World scenario to be FFA gameplay which is more to my liking. Changed AI stance to Conquest (gives all countries 50%+ cassus belli against everyone else and makes AI very interested in wars and not interested in alliances), and customized csv files to add more military goods (using events) to all regions. This is important because in such scenarios biggest problem for smaller regions is that they run out of ammo and their whole army gets to a standstill until some military goods are acquired. Since many, many of wars start from day one all over the world military goods become very hard to find so it actually slows the game down. I just prolong the time it takes for regions to run out of ammo and give them time to make facilities to produce them. Also I allied all 3 German regions and did the same to Marseille and Paris. Their infighting would weaken them greatly and I wonted some regions to be a real threat for everyone else.
Finally I did a save/cache rotation several times to increase volatility way past very high, to increase cassus belli to 100% for everyone vs everyone and increase starting money (not too much though, about 3x or 4x times their normal starting value) so that regions don't go bankrupt from all the wars they will have. Most of these benefit AI so it can run a warring country without crashing in first few months of the game. Also, I started with very hard military and very easy on both economy and diplomacy settings. Very easy diplomacy is to promote more wars among AI nations and lessen chances of them going to alliance and very easy economy helps AI a lot to sustain their countries. I also used Ruges AIParams file to improve their unit building and usage.

It worked like a charm, I pick some smaller Europe region and played mostly neutral at the start to watch whats happening around the world. It was probably the best game I had on SR2020. All the time something was happening somewhere, AI regions constantly trying to dominate and expand, many getting overrun by strong neighbors. For example, in North America, from 64 regions that started there, only 7 remained after 7-8 years of gametime. New York expanded all the way to South America attacking Brazil and wiped out all the regions in between including Texas (that was a surprise). I actually had just achieved 100% coverage from recon satellites and saw the battle. There were lots of fireworks when New York DOW-ed Texas. Similar things were happening all over the globe, Europe being taken over by West Germany and Paris alliance (until I wiped them both out, and not too soon since West Germany just got laser weapons and started deploying laser infantry), Asia being overrun by Chinese, Poland barely surviving fighting with several Russian regions (most notably St.Petersburg) and me providing them with constant stream of military units to keep them alive, Africa had about 8 regions left (from 49 starting ones) and Senegal being biggest while South Africa close second with laser infantry. I was really :o when I saw the what was happening in Africa. Funniest thing was that South Korea vs North Korea war never happened. They just kept stockpiling units until they slowed the whole game down to a veeeeeeeryyyy sloooooooow craaaaaaaawl. I had to intervene and DOW them myself. After that game speed normalized and North Korea won. Funny thing is, that was first time I saw North Korea take out South Korea ever since I bought SR2020.

For next game I'll probably break those German and France alliances and maybe play as East Germany (they start significantly weaker in technology).

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Re: Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#6 Post by Garethw87 » Aug 22 2013

I randomly started as South Africa once and now that's all I can seem to do.. sometimes Latvia but I can't seem to get anywhere with them yet...

My South Africa campaign was my 'let's sort out Africa' goal. Starting from the bottom and working my way through all the 'bad' places and people. However I 'accidentally' conquered Botswana and Namibia [_]O I guaranteed the peace of Lesotho and Swaziland then went to work sorting out Mugabe once and for all... Only to result in a stale mate for years and years! But now I'm back to sort him and... and also to let Namibia and Botswana live in peace and independently!

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Re: Favorite country/goal for sandbox play?

#7 Post by Mission Space » Aug 25 2013

Playing with Japan is super fun. its very easy and yet challenging. First goal is to help South korea get rid of the North. Then spend so much on military to counter balance China. Launch a full scale invasion of China along with South korea and Taiwan. After than Just conquer the pacific

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