News from around the world...

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News from around the world...

#1 Post by PanzerHue » Nov 11 2008

Im at my first game as leader of Brazil. Its my first term as president and everything in my administration is pretty messy. Then the other day I found out that some one in my staff have been sleeping. He was supposed to inform me regarding any political changes around the globe. But accidently I found out that S.Korea have been vaging a war against their northern neighbours for quite som time now, with out me knowing about it.


Can some one please tell me where to hire a good foreign politicy secretary.....or maybe tell me how to get the interesting global news e-mails?.

I have the "all" setting for news in the personal settings marker.

Kind regards...

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Re: News from around the world...

#2 Post by tkobo » Nov 11 2008

Currently in sr2020 there is no global email for new wars.
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Re: News from around the world...

#3 Post by playa » Nov 11 2008

Yeah. It's very bad. You have NO idea what's going on outside the world. I want to know if some nation is having critical need on stuff maybe, wars going on etc.

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Re: News from around the world...

#4 Post by ollobrains » Nov 11 2008

little idea we need an accessible screen that shows all wars who against who should be pretty easy to implement

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Re: News from around the world...

#5 Post by Hundane » Nov 11 2008

There is a way to tell but its very slow I guess.......

Click on a region, click on your state tab, regional news tab. You can see wars announce, alliances announce, bond issues, shortages, few other things I think but you have to look at each region one at a time and if you really want to be current and up to date, you will have to do this each and everyday , over and over and over...... But you can tell when a region declares war or has war declared on them.

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Re: News from around the world...

#6 Post by GIJoe597 » Nov 11 2008

Quick and easy to see who is at war. Press A> Select Tab II>Filter first column by AT WAR.

I understad the point though, and what Hundane types will work, but since messages are time sensitive you would need to do it every day as he points out.

I am in favor of an email from the State Department everytime something "major" happens in the world. Call it a "breaking story" carries on any major news network.
War declared
Government topled by vote
Critical shortage of commodity. (today 2000 people died in Lesotho due to a critical electric shortage. Officials blame South Africa because they are refusing passage of needed shipments of Petroleum)

You get the idea.

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