Better AI is all that is lacking..

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Better AI is all that is lacking..

#1 Post by rhjyyz » Jul 07 2006

I have to say this game is one of the best I have ever played in my 41yr old life!

The economic and military detail gives realism to a strategy game unsurpassed.

Even the social,diplomacy areas are excellent.

Here are my observations and questions about the AI:

I have read on these forums that the AI does not build or upgrade structures.. that gives it a definite disadvantage. It is impossible to win with out improving your region. Why can't it, is it coding issue or just hasn't been implentented yet?

It also auto buys at insane prices,bankrupting itself, same as above. I had to stop doing that, it felt like cheating.

Otherwise the ecomomic system is awesome (the everpresent indirect proportion to inflation and unemployment does drive me nuts though,lol)

AI doesn't use sea/air transport????? OMG !!. So that means there can only be one winner in WWIII right? LOL (After I realized that, I almost didn't want to continue playing it, but I figured since I would win, I could try each country and see how long it takes to conquer the world)

Its also way too defensive. I know next to zero about military tactics, but it is very passive so I just take it one hex at a time. I know this is a hard area to program but it seems to never leave home....

Anyway its a great game. Nothing like I originally expected. I am a hardcore Civilization series fan and love these type of games. its just too bad the AI couldn't be better in all these games. I can imagine that part of the game is a programmers nightmare. Keep up the good work..

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#2 Post by Baloogan » Jul 07 2006

As a programmer I can tell you that AI is one of the hardest things to program for. Most games just give the AI team a 1000% bonus to everything to even it up but SR2010 doesn't. I wish it did. :(

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