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AI Questions

#1 Post by Madwand » Jan 12 2013


I was wondering a few things about the AI.

1)Does the AI ever build an emplacement and assign troops to man them?

2)Is there so way I can set the AI so it will do that?

3)Is the AI concerned about it's economy?

4 )Will it build needed structures?

5)Is 4.6.1 The best version of the AI?

6)Are there any MODS that improve the AI?

I'm going to try increasing the difficulty setting next.

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Re: AI Questions

#2 Post by Balthagor » Jan 13 2013

The AI does not build emplacements, only commodity facilities. The AI is not moddable in that area.

Ver 4.6.1 was the final version of the game.
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