Advisors going nuts

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Advisors going nuts

#1 Post by ExMudder » Mar 19 2008

Things were going fine in my game as California. Then one of my advisors went nuts. Cutting taxes, boosting inflation, taking out bond issue after bond issue. This despite the fact I have reduce regional debt, fight inflation, and improve credit standings checked.

How do I figure out who is to blame for this so I can sack them? Or what do I lock so they balance the budget and fight inflation?

I'm using the conservative woman who claims to be obsessed with fiscal responsibility too.

The only good news is that my approval ratings are high due to the tax cuts, but I dislike 8% inflation and 12% interest rates.

I have 7-8,000 mil in the bank as well.

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#2 Post by Lightbringer » Mar 19 2008

Things were going fine in my game as California.
That might be your problem right there. :P

The only solid advice I can give you is to lock the individual screens. Example: Lock the bond screen and she can't take out any new ones. Same with the tax screen.

I use the big fat Italian guy for finance, he seems to be level headed. Even then I paid off a bond and he did the same thing with bonds, taking new small ones each day to run things. My budget was in deficit, but my trade was surplussed, so he may not have been "aware" that we had the cash we needed, hence the new bonds. Locking him out stopped that crap.

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#3 Post by ExMudder » Mar 19 2008

I think my problem is the opposite. I have budgeted trades, but actual trades are different. If I was selling everything I was budgeted to sell, I would be running a surplus.

The game seems to have trouble accounting for trades. Even when I built more petrol refineries to keep me from importing, I still had problems with my "balanced" budget only being balanced if I sold everything, which I wasn't.

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#4 Post by tkobo » Mar 19 2008

That confuses a lot of people.

Your best off just ignoring the "Budgeted trade" figure.Its about as accurate as a governmental or defense contractors budget :P

Actual trade is the one to watch.

Also, dont count on your ministers to do anything.
Like Light says, lock those screens.
Think of your ministers as bad children and those screens as cookie jars.
Not only are they gonna eat all the cookies and spread crumbs everywhere, but they are gonna break the jar,do a bad job cleaning it up, and mislead you as to what happened to the cookies and the jar. :lol:
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#5 Post by ExMudder » Mar 19 2008

I discovered that my military goods were selling at -10% the cost to manufacture them, and that I could get them 10% cheaper if I imported them. So I shut down my military good plants. Inflation started dropping from 14% to 13%, and unemployment went from 2.8 to 2.9. Per capital income also started dropping.

However, I also started to lose money, instead of breaking even. Any idea why that happened?

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