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campaign economy

#1 Post by nadabethyname » Jul 19 2007

ok i was playing a campaign and i was in the West US scenario. I won with about 2,000 M in my treasury, but on the next map my treasury started at -180,000 M. any idea what might have happened and is it possible to bring it out of the red at that point (without lopsided trades)?

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#2 Post by Balthagor » Jul 19 2007

hmm, not sure what that is about 8_

IIRC you only get other regions remaining treasury, not their debt. If you check your autosaves, there is probably one for the end of the last map. If you have a save from the day before you win, send it over and I'll check it out. Without more information I really couldn't guess at what is going on...
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