Adjustable Tax rates

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Adjustable Tax rates

#1 Post by Lightbringer » Apr 07 2007

I was just wondering...

Having done my taxes recently, I was wondering about the ability to adjust taxes in a wide and wild amount on a daily basis. I can't speak for anyplace else, but if my fellow Americans and I stopped being able to depend on the size of the chunk taxes ate out of our checks from week to week, we wouldn't just grumble, we would load our guns and revolt. There is a reason that they only change such things (at least drastic noticeable changes) once a year or so. I posted this here because it refers to 2010 and the micro-tax-management ability of the player and/or Minister. I've been turning "increase revenue" on, letting the minister slide taxes up, then turning it off and watching them slide back down. This all happens within weeks of game time. Ummmm (unless it somehow doesn't hit my paycheck) pretty unrealistic. As mentioned, I'd be pretty unhappy if one week they took 100$ from my check, then the next week 200$, then 300$, then 100$ etc. etc. etc.
I can handle higher taxes, IF I know what to expect. Governments fostering day to day uncertainty is a big no-no when you want to remain in power.

I'll bring it up in the 2020 thread after I see what response here is... but I'm thinking maybe some less flexible tax rate controls? (or at least an option to have tax rate changes be periodic, say quarterly.)
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#2 Post by tkobo » Apr 07 2007

Yup, id like to see a more powerful reaction to large changes in anything nation related also.
PLUS, id like to see the population represented in the dar,have some kind of memory.
So that they remember i did something bad to them, even if/after ive changed it back.

You know, so that if was paid for many years to give the US region a national health care system, and failed.When i tried to run again and again made the promise i would give the nation a national health care system,it would create a negative reaction on the dar rather, than a positive one :P
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