different types of taxation , what do they effects?

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different types of taxation , what do they effects?

#1 Post by sereemotorcycle » Oct 07 2006

Income Taxes (Lower tax = increase approval but lower income, I guess)
Sales Tax =?
Business& Corporate Taxes=?
Property Tax=?
Immigration Fees=?
unemploy tax=?
And more....=?

I know different types of taxation can have different effects on your
economy and on your people – in good and bad side at same times.

1.But What are they effect ??? What happen if it's too high or too low ??? The game's manual doesn't have detail.

2.All adjustable bar(include Tax bars,research bars,production bars...) in the game is linear function? ( When you invested/adjust bar up to200% ,you get output/effect worth up to 200% doesn't it)

Thanks for clearing.

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#2 Post by BigStone » Oct 07 2006

Just as in real life.
Taxes in the game are closely bound to the ministers "priorities"
Take a look at the list and see what it does....

Generaly speaking: high taxes.... no good... :wink:

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#3 Post by Il Duce » Oct 07 2006

Tax policy is semi-specific.

Income taxes let you tweak by social strata, and these have implications for the kind of immigrants you are getting (or emigrants you are producing) - which affects unemployment considerably.

Sales tax - once your markups are tuned, you can use this as a fine tuner to globally raise or lower effective consumer prices. The services tax can also be used to tweak immigration and generally offset the services expense. Raise Sales tax too high and you get 'high prices' emails.

Biz/Corp taxes - in theory these also affect unemployment by raising business overheads.

Prop Tax - basically a policy statement for taxing the 'haves' and not the 'have-nots.' Usr fees is also a sort of luxury tax.

Immigration Tax - an effective gatekeeper to control immigration on a well-tuned economy.

Unemp Tax - should have some correspondence to the services expenses in socials, as should the pension tax. Taxing the working class.

The tax structure is a bit complex, and I believe it reflects a more ambitious attempt to model social policy than was ultimately implemented. Experiment a bit. Some of them have dramatic effects on DAR (Sales and Services taxes) or inflation, while others are simply revenue components that aren't really meaningful, except that keeping things generally consistent is important.
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