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Discussion of the Economic Model in SR2010

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#16 Post by Il Duce » Sep 14 2006

...A point that is not necessarily true- quoting:

Just remember, if you put production on the 100% of demand
and you are self -sufficient, the inflation rate will always be
between 4% and 6%.

This is not necessarily the case. I certainly agreee with your rationale for demand driven production, but other factors affect inflation besides production levels. As it turns out (if you look at the daily production numbers - production, demand, and actual use), you may actually be able to set production below 100% and still accumulate surpluses. Markup is still the governer of demand in this case, and if you are not satisfying demand, population emigrates, leaving you an ever-smaller tax base (and/or domestic market, should you choose not to tax).

It is truly hard to generalize or formulate econ in this model - which is probably why the minister AI for treasury and interior could never really be made to work.
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#17 Post by StoweMobile » Sep 30 2007

Hey Im trying this as germany in the europe campain, and my approval rating in going down quite fast because of large demestic mark ups I guess. Is this supposed to happen?

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#18 Post by BigStone » Oct 02 2007

Yes ....

For some idiote reason: the Germans are the BAD guy's in the game :wink:
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#19 Post by StoweMobile » Oct 03 2007

Well I can't seem to get this working. My approval rating improved, but it doesn't seem to be working. My GDP is increasing, but im losing ALOT of money. I have everything set as has been sugested, but it doesn't seem like the whole supply created demand is working as my demand is much less than my production of consumer goods. My domestic markup is at about 112%. I have similar markups on other goods, and I keep getting annoying messages of "consumer markep on so and so is too high". Does this mean Im doing something wrong. Also Im starting to run low on power, but my unemployment isn't high enough for me to build more power plants. Im not sure what I've done wrong.

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Re: An easy way to play

#20 Post by The Khan » Nov 13 2007

CaptainJack wrote:I read some articles before and today I tried my way and it worked. Maybe someone has already mentioned it before but I still like to repeat it.
1. Adjust tax so that you only tax on imports, exports, and goods(under sales tax, ignore sevices tax). You need to tax the three as much as possible. Leave other taxes zero.
2. Adjust the markup of somestic sale price as high as possible except food and water, the latter set as -50%(Because you have already taxed 50% in step 1 and now refund it back so that you would keep the price of food and water as low as possible. Put all investment slide to the left.(you should not take any burden of the produciton).
3. Change the production as 100% of "demand" instead of "capacity" except of cosumer goods, which is the only important engin to drive your economy(But not too much, it depends on how much markup you set, you can see what I was doing if you continut to read). Don't rely on the world market because of your cost.
4. Export nothing and import as needed.
Now, you transfer all the inflation effect to your people! Now, you will have piles of money and try to double all budget as you wish.
Weird. One time I made a trillion of dollars, one time I lost and died of starvation and cannibalized by hungry citizens.

However, are you sure that it won't collapse after a while. Inflation was 51% either way!

EDIT: with coal and uranium in plenty and in surplus, and the rest atrophying to high costs, this makes a billion cash every day, however rich countries still need some poor and medium taxes and 15% business tax to work healthily.

Dude, I'm racking up billions! Gadzillions and lots of research!

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#21 Post by Red Dawn » Feb 01 2008

Thanks for this Captain Jack.

I'm playing Pakistan in the Sub Continent Campaigns scenario. 3 days into the game all my neighbouring states on the eastern front decided to declare war on me! Western front is stable for now. Expectedly my economy tanked and I have now have a $ 2.5 trillion budget deficit!!!

Coupled with that I am lacking sufficient Industrial Goods production which is hampering my military goods production despite the fact i have sufficient capacity.

Consumer Goods production is sufficient for now but the lack of industrial goods may affect future production which in turn is widening the trade deficit I have in addition to having to import vast quantities of iron ore and petroleum.

Used your model as I desperately needed a new economic plan. Anyway my income seems to be rising on average by £22 bln a day. Trade deficit is still widening but as soon as I get production of industrial goods and iron ore up to meet demand that may help to alleviate the deficit. So your method seems to be working.

But I have a couple fo questions

I completely removed the immigration fee but now have close to 2 million immigrants. I want to control this so will the desired results of your economic model be affected if i were to re implement a fee for immigration?

Is it better to AUTOBUY the required resources until I have sufficient production to meet demand or would you advise me to manually purchase instead?

There is plenty of supply on the WM (can not purchase from other states directly because they all hate me) so in theory if I wanted to I could buy up all the stocks for that day of trade right?

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