using engineers

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using engineers

#1 Post by joecool250 » Jan 08 2006

how do i use engineers? i right click construction on a building which is building, like an airbase but there seems to be no change in how many days it takes to complete.

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#2 Post by Gripen » Jan 10 2006

You will not see an instant effect as soon as the Engineers move themselves on the constructing hex. The time to complete should tick down by 2 days per day of Game time once the engineers are there.

(I haven't tested this, but you may need the engineers at the construction hex for a majority of the game day time to get the construction effect. Ie, you can't move the engineers to the construction hex with only a small sliver of the time in the day left and expect to see a benefit).

The number (and if it's iomplemented by BG, the strength) of engineers you are using also has an effect as to how quickly they'll help construction.
Using 7 engineers, you should get 2 days knocked off time to complete, BUT if you use a different number and strength, for instance, say only 3 engineers, you may only see an extra day knocked off time to complete every other day.

On large hex maps (I believe), you should be able to stack 7 engineers in the construction hex, and 7 on each of the surrounding hexes, so you'll have 49 engineers working on that construction at the same time.

I have't tried it, but your construction should be accelerated greatly, ie. more than 2 days knocked off the days to complete per 1 day game time.


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#3 Post by BigStone » Jan 10 2006

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