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Interest Rate

Post by bacorales »

Can we change the interest rates?

It could be helpfull to stop inflation due economy grow. Higher Interest, the economy grows slowly; Low interest, economy grows faster.

With that you can control GDP, inflation, etc, etc.

The only interest rate I saw is the WM one, and I don´t know how it works in my economy...
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Post by 3iff »

The important one for bonds is "Improve Credit Rating". Once that is over 100 then lower interest bonds can be sold.

I have been able to get the rating to 130+ where bonds can be issues at a rate of 1.8% or better.

General interest rate is somewhat dependant on unemployment, tax rates, budget deficit and so on...still a mystery to me.
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Post by ozmono2005 »

You may already be able to do things that have the effect you desire from interest rates but I haven't tested them

Coparate taxes, land rates, wage taxes and other semi related taxes may lower inflation

I know from a little testing that taxes to impact your GDP/c and I think(although I'm not sure) that they have some effect on your inflation rates
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