Rampant Inflation

Discussion of the Economic Model in SR2010

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Rampant Inflation

#1 Post by Kaiser » Jul 02 2008

In my game im playing as the Nationalists. The year is 2012 and I am having issues controlling my inflation. It it is temporarily stabilizing at 7.4% but was at 8.0%

I know that in order to control inflation you must raise taxes, decrease production to demand while also decreasing spending basically. My problem is that the only thing keeping me from going in debt is my Industrial and Consumer goods sales. So I keep that production maxed to sale for cash.

Another problem is that If I lower my taxes below 90% my inflation rises when my GDP/C is only at around $31,000. I also have all my domestic prices ranging from above 50-60% price increase.

Is my economy really crappy or doing really good to cause the inflation to rise so fastly? I am in very good standards with the WM and they actually very rarely give me free money, coal, petroleum etc...

Any ideas?

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#2 Post by Cerber » Jul 02 2008

Inflation in SR 2010 is not the same like in real world :)
Inflation in game shows how much prices changed from starting point.
The higher GDP/c, the higher inflation. As long as You don`t have problem with money there is nothing to worry about.

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#3 Post by jjbond007 » Jul 05 2008

I agree with cerber. IMO, inflation increases your production costs, and maybe other costs. To reduce inflation you need to increase domestic prices (max them if you can handle it), set production to demand only, raise taxes to 100%, reduce building, reduce social costs. If you are self-sufficient, it is a meaningless number. Inflation simply raises all the prices. So while it is raising your production prices, you can also raise your domestic prices to your consumers. If you want to fight it, simply raise domestic prices, and drop production to demand instead of capacity. If you want to learn more about infation, visit www.viritix.com. Hope this helps.
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