New -simple- Research Model

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New -simple- Research Model

#1 Post by BigStone » Feb 09 2006

Okay here it goes and let me know what you think of it...

I would like to start with some sort of -city research- (like city production)
No initial research centra.
There are five major research groups:
- Warfare
- Science
- Technology (+ Transportation)
- Medical
- Society

Each of them has one research slot.And you can spend a max amount money per slot per day.So lets say your economy can spend a 100 mil/day on reserarch 20 mil goes to Warfare,20 mil to Science etc..
When you do not reserach a project in
a group that money goes to the tech level.
If you want to research more projects you've to build research centres.
Giving you extra slots.
And i'm thinking about specialized centres.There are common centra used for each group giving you 2 slots extra.However there should be specialized centra for each major group giving you 3 slots and a efficiency bonus.
But they are expensive and maybe some centra should have a diplo impact...

Now something about the famous efficiency.
All regions start with a 50% eff.How to raise that:
- A optimum amount of money spend on research that your economy can support.
- Already mentioned... specialized centra.
- Research projects that boost eff.
- More money to social projects like healthcare,education etc etc
But you can never have a more then a 100% eff

So now the situation is this:

A project cost 500 mil.
In the begin situation it will take 25 days to finish that project.However
you've a 50% eff so it takes you 50 days.

Feel free to add comments or suggestions...
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#2 Post by szabfer » Feb 09 2006

I'm dont really get the point. Do you want an additional research model in the game, or do you speak about the replacement of the existing one?

THe city production stuff also unfamiliar to me. What is it?

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#3 Post by tkobo » Feb 09 2006

i dont believe we need a "new" research system.

I simply think its needs to be balanced more.

In the beginning it was too easy to get research done.
It might be too hard.

So before anything else is done, i think those "in the know" need to look at the changes that were made between the two cases and scale them back some, so that the system moves back towards the original pace some.
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#4 Post by George Geczy » Feb 10 2006

There are some interesting concepts in Bigstone's suggestions:

- 'Research Slots' provided by cities; right now, the capital provides one, but nothing else. Maybe Cities (based on population) should also provide slots.

- 'Specialization' for Research Centres. Might be a problem in that it adds more complexity (hey, we're trying to make things easier to understand!) but it is an interesting possibility.

In the other thread it was also suggested that the total number of reserach slots be 'capped' based on variables ie population.

Food for thought.

-- George.

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#5 Post by Il Duce » Feb 10 2006

...Not sure that a new research 'model' is needed, but it would probably be nice if the path [including costs] from project initiation to completion were more coherent.

Here's another toughie - I frequently start projects which I am later able to purchase from other regions. I appreciate that most of my investment should be simply lost, but then I think that maybe there should be some 'cultural' benefit to having done a portion of the research - perhaps a fixed addition to efficiency would be appropriate when a project on the queue is later purchased rather than completed.

And like many others, I share a frustration that a game which is presently scaled to a 4-8 year campaign time presents projects that might take 6-10 years to complete [or there are techs which have 10-20 years of dependency chains]. I assume that I will rarely get through more than one or two techs, three or four military projects, and no more than two tech levels, regardless of how long I play a campaign. I just stop researching at some point [leaving the dollars there but not selecting any projects], as I know my opponent AI's will go bust and not present me with any superior techs anyway.
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#6 Post by szabfer » Feb 10 2006

I have the same feeling... instead of researching (which is definitely takes too much time - compared to the scenario duration) i try to get as many designs I can from my initial allies. Research is too long term, and the parallel research is not an option, as we discussed in other topics....

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Better Research

#7 Post by Eric Larsen » Feb 13 2006

I think that BigStone's suggestions are pretty much in the game. I still think that something needs to be done to balance researching multiple projects to make that approach more acceptable to players. Right now I go with one project at a time. I can't fathom trying to do much research in the shorter scenarios that last around a year. You can barely get the economy humming in a year much less do much research, especially the big ticket items.

Take the artificial tech cap off so that what is designated to be spent on techs gets spent on techs, not tech level or efficiency. Also make the research projects prone to inflation just like combat units and facilities. Why on earth that isn't already done is beyond me as that fixes the jack up inflation to jack up research cheat.

Since each research center already has slots for research items it's just a matter of fixing the program to make researching one project at a time very costly and cost inefficient just as filling up every slot would also be wasteful. About 1.5 research projects per center plus the freebie should yield the best research cost and time efficiencies. Plus dropping whatever drag there is on researching unit designs which dollar for dollar take twice or more time than other projects.

Eric Larsen

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