Berg still want that mp game?

Post here to arrange or discuss multiplayer games. Remember when planning a game to state the time the lobby will be open, the time the game will start and the time zone you are in and if you are going to play through Gamespy or direct IP address.

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Berg still want that mp game?

#1 Post by ozmono2005 » May 29 2006

bergsjaeger wrote:Well RTS mostly but I have tried the turn based. honest opinion didn't like the turn base that much. Maybe I been playing with RTS too long. :lol: Oz U still got a couple MP games to make up. :D u kept score I think its 2 to 1 so I'm up by one. :D
Thats taken from a different thread, sorry it took me so long to reply but I didn't end up getting back into it than, I've since lost my cd key re bought the game and am keen to play u once again

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#2 Post by bergsjaeger » May 30 2006

:lol: Oz u know all u got to do is ask me for a game. I'm always up for a MP game. how about this weekend sometime. And i think we need to play one through IP. GS been buggy for awhile. But we could try GS.
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