Saturday the 3rd

Post here to arrange or discuss multiplayer games. Remember when planning a game to state the time the lobby will be open, the time the game will start and the time zone you are in and if you are going to play through Gamespy or direct IP address.

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Saturday the 3rd

#1 Post by red » Dec 02 2005

There were apparently five people just loafing around the lobby tonight, so, I thought we might have a good chance of getting a large game going with some planning. Having many people makes, I think, for a more interesting game. Perhaps around 3PM central US (2100GMT) on this coming Saturday, everyone interested could get together for a game?

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#2 Post by Seydlitz » Dec 02 2005

Rough, I'll probably just be waking up :wink: .

Chairmen Marow
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#3 Post by Chairmen Marow » Dec 02 2005

Im in!
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