Artillery logistic, 105mm vs 155mm

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Artillery logistic, 105mm vs 155mm

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not talking about range and firepower, there is a diffrence that make 105mm still usefull in some cases, it's his operational weight (gun + ammo).

referring to the "SRUNITS_userupdate6.csv" file, it's not actually the case in game. 105 and 155mm towed guns have all the same "Supply Use per squad" and "Supply Cap" values (note that 122, 130, 152 and 203mm guns also have theses values, but since i don't have the figures for theses calibres i won't talk about them ).

The weight of one 155mm projectile is about 45 kg, one 105mm projectile is about 18.5 kg, that mean that a basic load of 100 projectiles plus their proppelant charge (still needed for HE and HERA projectiles) weight 5 300 kg for the 155mm and 2 200 kg for the 105mm.

To simulate it correctly you can change either "Supply Use per squad" or "Supply Cap" values.

I would personally change the "Supply Use per squad" to have a longer combat time for the same weight.

(pdf, 7774 Kb)
LEO G7 - 105mm Gun System


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