155mm Howitzer WA021 - ID 528

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155mm Howitzer WA021 - ID 528

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the WA021 is, ingame, the most powerfull "static" howitzer versus soft target and naval surface target, with respecticely an attack value of 40 and 50.

since this gun is basically the chinese version of the austrian design GHN-45 (id 527) and described on sinodefence.com, it "matches the firepower of the PLA’s existing 17km-range 152mm Type 66 gun-howitzer, but with much extended firing range. ", i would recommend a revision of it's firepower, for exemple to, respectively, 30 (soft attack) and 40 (surface attack) wich would match more to it's real life capabilities, in my humble opinion.

last but not least, it will also let the more modern 155mm howitzer to not be "in the shadow" of a gun built in china in the '80 ;)

http://www.sinodefence.com/army/artille ... _155mm.asp


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Just checked, this unit has already been rebalanced for SR2020. Soft attack is now 32.
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