YPR-765 rehab

In this thread you can discuss any thoughts you have about balance within the game. Does a particular unit need a specification changed? Is a stealth plane not stealthy enough? Do "Belli Bar" levels need to be changed? Let us know and discuss it all here.

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YPR-765 rehab

#1 Post by Jan » May 20 2007

i know that the game is not anymore supported and i don't expect an official update on, only only a little explanation in the hope to learn something or help to make a vehicle i know well more realistic in game.

So, i'm wondering why the YPR-765 have lower ratings than his european counterpart (namely AMX-10P, Marder-1A3, Warrior)?

it have a 25mm Oerlikon KBA, high firing rate canon double feeded with AP and HE, wich was initially planned as an AA canon.

it was fielded between 1982 and 1985, not 1978, wich was maybe confusing you i guess.



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#2 Post by Balthagor » May 20 2007

I couldn't really say anymore why a certain unit is better/worse than another within a given class (ie. recon, infantry, etc.) although we usually used tech level and technological quality of the region that builds it as a guide. Much more time was spent balancing infantry vs. other classes. We didn't spend nearly as much time balancing units within a class against each other. We hope to do more of that for SR2020 and use the beta for this.

If you think that the YPR's should get better stats, feel free to make a few suggestions, there might be an "unofficial" equipment file update at some point, I have kept a few notes and if I have some time on a weekend and am feeling nostalgic... well, you never know...
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