Economical Balance - "italians" Region

In this thread you can discuss any thoughts you have about balance within the game. Does a particular unit need a specification changed? Is a stealth plane not stealthy enough? Do "Belli Bar" levels need to be changed? Let us know and discuss it all here.

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Economical Balance - "italians" Region

#1 Post by Lombardia » Dec 02 2006

Let me first congratulate with Battlegoat Studios for this fantastic game. I've ever dreamed a game that speaks about Indipendent Regions. Thanks a lot guys.
(I can't speak english very well, so I've to make my apologies)

I've to notice that the economy power in the "italians" region are wrong. The "Milan Region"( I will open another topic on it) is more rich and developed than the other 2.

The "Naples" region is like Albany(4 production and rich), but in this game is different.

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#2 Post by Balthagor » Dec 02 2006

As I mentioned in your other post, this is something you can change if you feel you would enjoy the game more playing it differently.

If you would like to contribute towards the work of Supreme Ruler 2020, I'll try and think of what kind of information would be helpful, maybe you'll have some of that information...
Chris Latour
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