LOS and low flying aircraft...

In this thread you can discuss any thoughts you have about balance within the game. Does a particular unit need a specification changed? Is a stealth plane not stealthy enough? Do "Belli Bar" levels need to be changed? Let us know and discuss it all here.

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LOS and low flying aircraft...

#1 Post by Slash78 » May 01 2006

I don't know if this should go under issues or balance, its a bit of both. While playing as Northern California I noticed all my transport Helos were getting shot down by San Francisco's Navy. Not there AF or ADA, but their Navy. This presents a major balance issue in my opinion. Most ground/surface based air search radar can't pick out low flying aircraft out of ground clutter (medium and high flying aircraft are no problem). That's what airborne early warning aircraft are for. Even with those a Navy ship will have a hard time engaging a low flying target that it doesn't have line of sight with (actually LOS, not just another unit spotting for it).

What could be done about this issue? Another point along these lines is that some Iraqi air defense radar was taken out by Apaches in the opening minutes of ODS. Again, radar that was typically used against Medium and High flying aircraft.

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#2 Post by Balthagor » May 01 2006

This is difficult to model when we have only one LOS system. Your airforce was probably being taken out by Arleigh Burkes. Units with long range radar spotting and SM-2ER naval SAM get a very long reach. We do allow the player to tell the aircraft to move "cautious" to increase their stealth strength but we have already found issues in the spotting vs. stealth relationships. We'll need to do more testing once that has been resolved.

FYI, I think this is a good place for the thread.
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