Discussions on FCS, EM Guns and other techs

In this thread you can discuss any thoughts you have about balance within the game. Does a particular unit need a specification changed? Is a stealth plane not stealthy enough? Do "Belli Bar" levels need to be changed? Let us know and discuss it all here.

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Discussions on FCS, EM Guns and other techs

#1 Post by Balthagor » Apr 14 2006

Found a PDF discussing the FCS program and a few other things, thought that ppl here might find some of it interesting;

http://web.mit.edu/SSP/Publications/wor ... p-00-2.pdf
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#2 Post by bergsjaeger » Apr 14 2006

That was interesting to me. I always liked reading about technology and such. I was always fond of the rail gun which in the game is call the electro magnetic gun.
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