Tu-142F ASW

In this thread you can discuss any thoughts you have about balance within the game. Does a particular unit need a specification changed? Is a stealth plane not stealthy enough? Do "Belli Bar" levels need to be changed? Let us know and discuss it all here.

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Tu-142F ASW

#1 Post by Seydlitz » Feb 06 2006

I put this in the "balance" section since it doesn't really go in the "bug reports" section.

The Russian Tu-142F Bear ASW patrol aircraft has attack values of 30 and 40 against submarines and ships respectively. It also has (on the left side) a listed combat time of 8 hours. However, it has no ammo storage ability, so it doesn't actually attack anything.


I don't know if this is just an oversight or is supposed to represent some sort of "abstract" attack value, but I just thought I'd bring it up.

Edit: Bad picture resize issue.

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#2 Post by Balthagor » Feb 06 2006

It's an error, thanks for finding it. There where a few other ASW planes with the same error so good find!
Chris Latour
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