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SS-793 Hai Lung vs SS-793 Hai Lung

Posted: Nov 11 2005
by Sebastiaan
in the equipment file I found 2 instances of the same dutch submarine "SS-793 Hai Lung" . THis by itself isn't a problem, however for some reason one of them is 4.5 times as expansive as the other one. Another weird thing is that the cheaper version, has a better stealth rating :o . I think this should be fixed

Posted: Nov 11 2005
by Balthagor
Both are marked as "no build", so it's not really an issue. The two entries are probably country "refits" of the countries that bought them. Removing them could screw up existing scenarios so we'll just leave them.

Posted: May 20 2007
by Jan
they are subs built by a dutch shipyard in the '80, here are more intels about them: ... ailung.htm