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Posted: Nov 11 2005
by Balthagor
Well, I gave you this one ;)

UH-1N from 18 to 20
UH-1Y from 18 to 21

Posted: Nov 11 2005
by bergsjaeger
I still don't c the use of Huey's I mean the regions in the US start with Blackhawks too. I prefer to use Blackhawks until I get a better Stallion or Chinook.

Posted: Nov 12 2005
by Balthagor
I agree, the Sea Stallion is my favorite Helo.

Posted: Nov 26 2005
by Sebastiaan
See stalion is a great jack of all trades, however when it comes to combat or transportation, I prefer the chinock and fighter helicopter

Posted: Nov 28 2005
by Seydlitz
I use the Huey to supply amphibious operations. It works great there...