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Posted: Oct 04 2005
by Sebastiaan
Well you are right that real data is hard to get access to. I worked at a company which were developing anti rocket systems. I have spoken a lot with people who actualy create mathimatical models for interception of cruise missles. Although he never wanted to give me any hard figures (which was highly classified) he did make it crear that there are a lot of factors which makes it very hard doing it.

Posted: Oct 04 2005
by ozmono2005
and the thing is not only do they have to do it, they have to contend with counter measures in many cases and its a constant battle between cost of an offensive weapon and defensive weapon until you end up in a cold war but (other peoples comments aside) I like the style as it is and stand by it

Posted: Oct 12 2005
by Sebastiaan
Found an intresting document on this subject at

Posted: May 30 2007
by Jan
Today's missiles (either cruise or antiship) are very hard to shoot down because they are simply hard to detect and you need system with a very fast reaction time (so fast than an human operator would slow down the process) to have a chance to shoot them down before they could make degats.

Read Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising" and/or play Harpoon, then you'll have a better ida about missiles' threat.

here's something that should interest you all:

Airbase Vulnerability to Conventional Cruise-Missile and Ballistic-Missile-Attacks