Manifest Destiny (World War 3 as Germany)

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Manifest Destiny (World War 3 as Germany)

#1 Post by bergsjaeger » Jun 18 2007

Manifest Destiny

I decided to post an AAR on my experience with the World War 3 scenario, which is the longest played game with a certain scenario so far (Going on 3 months). I picked Germany as my region and planned at the very beginning to succeed where Germany failed in World War 2. To create what I call the Euroafoasia. Basically, one super contintent controlled by Germany.

Before I even started time, I loaded a saved profile, which I do with every new game. Its always the same profile.

The basics to the profile are: Everything locked, letting me control most aspects of the game. Might as well get through the boring stuff first.

Operations Department: Defcon set at 2, Military Initiative set to 0, speed of the units set to normal, and allowed the use of tactical nukes (who knows I might have gotten the plans to build nukes in trades and I might use them.) The minister I have in the saved profile for this department was Richard Byrd (for some reason I like him), and his priorities didn’t matter because I was in control of that.

Defense Department: I was in control of the building of units and missiles, added money to the military spending just to add some eff to the units, set up the draft at age 18 and allowed co-ed combat. Minister was Matthews James.

State Department: This is one department I have complete control in, think everyone does. Minister was Rob Neilson

Treasury Department: Now this is the bread and butter of the game. The taxes I have set with the profile I use is 50.2%. I sometime tweak this to fit my money issues, but mostly I tax the rich more and cut back on the mid and lower classes (until I need a lot more money that is), I do the same to the corporations too. Big timers get taxed more than the small business. Sale taxes at 9% at the start, high property taxes, less on exports more on imports. The rest of the sections that are taxed are taxed automatically by the main slider and I lock everything to keep it in my control. The minister was Dr. Bill Joseph. Course, he had no control over anything, but I used him when I first played the game and liked him, just like all the other ministers I use with the saved profile I have.

Commerce Department: This is the one department I really don’t like at times. It alone could break or make a region. With the profile I use, every industry is locked, every commodity is set to selling of 75% of surplus (just in case I start having a surplus), domestic selling set close to a 200% increase above what it cost to manufacture the commodity, all commodities set to max production except power, consumer goods, Industrial goods, and military goods (they are the most expensive to manufacture besides Ag goods and water.) The minister was Brian Combariza.

Interior Department: There’s a lot to cover here. First the minister was Paul Li, had his priorities as improve DPR, tech level, infrastructure, and social safety net. Social Services was set above the recommended by roughly 25%, but I most of the time cut that to 50% of the recommended to save money. Research was set to the max spending, eff set to 40%, tech to 60%, and nothing toward the tech level. I have controls on both immigration and emigration. Scientist and skilled people can’t leave but I exile political and criminals while I allow the wealthy, skilled, healthy, and educated to come to my country, even allow limited on refugees. The immigration charge at the beginning is $1046, but before its over its usually all the way up to $49,999.

Now that covers the important stuff on the profile I use now onto Germany in World War 3.

Started the scenario with very hard difficulty, aggressive AI, and no limit on missiles as the custom settings.

The opening email for Germany in World War 3 states:

-Some petroleum capacity, raw materials still imported
-Economy benefits from export profits
-Military and technologically strong
-Threatened by France, Baltic Union, and Poland.
-Potential allies with British and Italian regions
-Ownership of an island north of United Kingdom

The rest of the email is too long for me to type up in this AAR, but everyone is welcome to load up the scenario as Germany and read it if no one has yet.

Germany in World War 3 started out with a strong economy, the region has a surplus of $751.35M and with a trade surplus of $91M. But the treasury surplus went into the red by $947.71M when I loaded my profile up. The reason behind this is because the max spending in research was $1, 016 while the rest of the deficient was caused by military spending and social spending. I lowered the research spending back to roughly $24M and started research on the Marder-2A1 (could trade for techs I want, share that later.) I then went back and lower the military spending to about double of the recommended. I net gain a little over $400M in the surplus and increased it to roughly over $800M after I lowered the social spending back to the recommended. Just in two adjustments, I have raised the surplus nearly $200M and that was after I loaded my profile that is stressed more toward spending.

Next update, diplomacy, commerce, and military plans before any actual shots are fired.
In war destroy everything even the livestock.

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