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Put your Single and Multi player AARs here please specify which it was (SP or MP).

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#136 Post by Balthagor » Feb 05 2008

... not sure why you posted that here.

Some of the maps use "large upgrades" that visually spill into adjacent hexes. On large upgrade maps you cannot build right next to another building (maybe next to cities, don't remember...)
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Re: World War 3 scenario- single player-tkobo-US

#137 Post by battlegoat9787 » Jul 30 2008

I have just purchased myself a copy of SR2010 for £3 off ebay after I was inspired by viewing tkbos mint thread and watching each and every video. Looks even better than SR2020, but I wonder why there are no real flags for each country? Is there a mod that will allow me to get them or is this it?

Anyway, excellent thread so far tkbo! :D

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Re: World War 3 scenario- single player-tkobo-US

#138 Post by tkobo » Jul 31 2008

No mod that im aware of thats gives each region its own "real" flag.But remember, the world of sr2010 is fictional,though its based on the real world,it doesnt mirror it.So "real" is hard to define in this case.

I had fun making this aar, and i still plan to get back to it in the future,but not anytime soon.
(heck im still looking at a week til i get my "new" computer back :( )

I actually overall "think" i like sr2020 better myself.I was originally partially against the "whole" world real region map, as i think it tends to lend itself to very silly Tiawan conquering europe :P
But, ive changed my mind alittle.Though these occurances still occur, and though that they can is kinda silly,it doesnt bother me as much as i thought it would overall in my own games.

And though i havent gotten to play sr2020 alot yet :(
But i find i really like some of the additions in sr2020.

And make no mistake, sr2010 has alot of the same issues you'll find in sr2020.I do think sr2010 is an easier first step than sr2020 though for players new to complex games, as i think the information and controls in sr2010 are better overall.
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