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WWIII - Ukraine

#31 Post by felinis » Jan 12 2007

Game Date: 04/30/22

When I took Austro-Hungry, I was immediately introduced to the Ukraine.
The country seemed to offer little initial resistance, so I moved some units northwards along the Black Sea coast to secure the peninsula at Braila. I encountered heavy resistance and moved up some of my newly aquired Greek combat ships to pacify the sea pier at Constanta. I finally established a stable front there and took the pier.

May 15th - I moved North along the coast again and attempted to take the port at Odesa. I left my units parked at Chisinau. When I returned my attention to the spot, my group had been badly mauled and I was forced to withdraw them.

May 20th - Things continue to go the same way - I casually advance into seemingly lightly protected territory, only to look a day later and discover that the patrol or brigade had been badly torn up.

June 1st - Despite the big forward push that I stage Northward into Europe along my entire front, I seem unable to penetrate the Ukraine. There are few roads and no nearby repair stations. I cannot seem to advance eastward past the city of Khmel'nyts'kyy, which I suspect is populated by Wookies.

June 6th - I grew frustrated and decide to move the bulk of my European forces eastward to concentrate them and invade a helpless country like Ukraine.

June 15th - I finally start to make some progress invading Ukraine, and manage to start taking the towns leading up to the capital of Kyyiv.

June 30th - All of the guests have arrived and the party is about to start. I have a large force just West of Kyyov. I have assembled a rediclous number of heavy units in order to finally take another European country - Ukraine. There is an air base there, so I make sure to move up a lot of AA too.

July 3rd - I ready the attack. I strain out the wounded units and send them to still remote repair stations. I band what looks to be several hundred units and strain out all of the non-combat ones like supply trucks and missile launchers.

Ukraine public support is 17%, and MC is 56%.

Then I sound the cavelry bugle - Charge!

It is a three pronged attack - the main thrust into central Ukraine at Kyyiv, a second smaller group in the North moving towards Minsk, and a third group in the South moving Eastward towards the Wookie settlement of Dnipropetroys'k.

July 4th - The Fourth of July ends with a lovely display of exploding little Ukrainian aircraft bursting against the black sky in blinding golden clouds.

The northern attack group takes Poltava and I start funneling units South to take the seaport at Sevastapol. The Northern group takes Gradno and Branavici. Straggling re-enforcements are still coming into L'viv from the Polish and German border. These units are important, since they will be called upon to take the secondary capital at Minsk after Kyyiv falls.

I have three wings of combat helos (WAH-64s, A-109s and CSH-2s) for air support and I am moving in Cheetah Fighter and Interceptor fixed-wing support. Keeping them safe from the Ukranian SA-12a AA is a challange because there are a lot of them.

Repairs are a pain, since my only repair base is South near Odesa.

"Helpless country"? I bite my tongue.

July 6th - Kyyiv falls and I am rewarded with $19.6 million. Ukarinian MC is now 44% and public approval is a resounding 13%.

I turn my attention to the Kyyiv air base. The remaining little Ukranian airplanes flee to a nearby air strip at Nizhyn.

Battalions of US armor follows them there, turning many of them into bright yellow clouds as well. The remaining ones flee East into Russia.

Ukarinian MC is now 41%.

July 10th - My defensive line in Europe starts to fall apart. Hundreds of enemy units that previously looked like they were out of fuel are suddenly bearing down on my scantily defended frontier towns. France seems to have come especially awake and turned most of my forward towns into islands of stranded Garrisons.

Giving back territory is not so bad, especially when the de-industralized territory and a few minor Garrison units is about all I have to give up. I made the mistake of trying to evac them with helos, which only placed the helos at risk from the sky full of enemy aircraft that has suddenly appeared.

In Germany and Poland a few units have made inroads South, putting annoying dips into my neat lines of defense. Fortunitly, I have two divisions of airborne units that has been waiting for months in Austria and Italy for something to do. Looks like these mobile units there will have to save the day.


Minsk falls and the US receives $1.4 billion. The Wookies move their capital to Karkiv, which is defended by one 80% wasted artillery battalion. The new capital is also adjacent to newly captured US territory just East of Kyyiv. Ukraine's MC is 32%.

July 11th - That Ukraine has not yet capitulated is really a good thing for me, since it gives me a little extra time to capture the large island and port at Sevastapol. I have a bunch of units headed South towards it, but Ukraine could surrender at any minute. So for insurance I have ordered two big groups of Marines, Land Warriers, Rangers and Airborne units to drop into Sevastapol.

Karkiv fell quickly to my forces and paid off with $1.17 billion. Ukrainian public opinion is now 10% and MC is 28%.

July 12th - My airborne units were slow to drop on Sevastapol, but my land units crossed the river just in time and took the island anyway. At about the same time, the bell rang and the Ukraine became the US. I got another $1.3 billion and almost an entire air force of Soviet planes that were clinging to an airstrip near Sevastapol - Transports, MIGs, TU-22M Backfire Bombers - you name it. Many were damaged and needed to be sent to the airplane hospital. Final Ukrainian MC was 27%.


July 13th - This leaves the mop-up operations of taking stray border cities that fall just outside of my new Ukranian border. The only sizable section of Ukraine that escaped me was the far East along the Russian border. My little guys are pretty beaten up.

Germany has gotten frisky again - creating a new Battle of the Bulge. Poland has become very active too and is contesting cities all along the former Ukraine border.
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#32 Post by tkobo » Jan 13 2007

If i could pop in a question or two ?

What fighters are "Cheetah" ?

And why wookies ?

Still enjoying very much by the way.
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#33 Post by Khorne » Jan 13 2007

It makes perfect sense as only wookies and russians can hold out in a city against such massive odds and still hold on!
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#34 Post by Cirdan » Jan 14 2007

Cheetahs are South African IIRC.

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WW III - Russia

#35 Post by felinis » Feb 05 2007

Game Date: 09/30/22

I am starting this entry not because I am about to invade Russia (the Bear) - far from it. It is because Russia is such a huge factor in Euro-Asia that I now must deal with them constantly as I try to finish the game.

Russia borders on China, the Islanic States, Iran, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic Union. Whenever I conquor any of thes countries, I have to fight another major border war with "The Bear" (see previous post "The Russins are Coming!").

And it is not easy to take food or territory away from a bear. Russian units are tough, powerful, agressive and persistant. They are supplemented by a very modern, responsive, effective, high-performance air-cover.

I dread the stage of the game when I will be required to conquer the entire country.

Their only weakness is the size of their country - its terrain forces them to station their forces in isolated enclaves. When you violate their border, if you are luckly, you will only have to endure the wrath of one enclave - except for their air force. And in typical SR2010 AI fashion, if you beat off the original attack, and send most of the attackers back to their base wounded, eventually the AI seems to lose interest.

That is why I go to my State Department and set Russia on "Path Around' - if none of your land or air units cross their border, they mostly ignore you, unless you have accumulated a BUNCH of them along your border. Then they just hang around like vultures and continue to try your defenses.

My long-term strategy for them is to eventually take them piecemeal - one enclave at a time.

Aug 12 - Ukraine falls and I have to defend my prize from the Bear on the North, East and South.

On the North, I completely withdraw and let the Russians advance as much as they please. They drive me South out of Belurus to Kyyve.

On the East I have left small forces garrisoning key towns and there is very little Russian interest.

On the South, I doggedly contest the territory North of the Sea of Azov, only to be repeatedly thrashed by Russian land units and aircraft. I am stuck. I retain the Sevastipol pinnesula, and the territory immediately North, but I cannot reclaim the South-East territory that was ceeded to Russia at the fall of Ukraine.

Aug 16th - Poland falls and I win Northern territory as far East as the Gadansk. I fight a prolonged battle to establish a stable line of defense against Russia along the Wisla River, South-East to Warszawa, Minsk and Brest.

Aug 27th 2002- The Islamic States fall. I had to cancel the "Path Around" order in order to establish my Northern defensive line against Russia. I think that consequently when the IS fell, Russia took the former western IS border region that I had only lightly defended. They had only light forces there too, so all I lost was a strip of Steppe/desert.

May, 2023 - I have accomplished significant gains against "The Bear". The Kazakhstan region has been shifting back and forth for the last six months.

Since my recent arms build-up, I have finally worked enough units into the area to establish a marginally stable perimeter. The construction of my newly modded "Gun Emplacement" bases has been instrumental in the success of establishing this line of defense.

Since I took Ukraine, the old European-Russain border has been a consistently contested battle-ground. Again, due to my crash arms building program, I have established a very strong Euro-Russian border.

I have now re-captured the South-East Ukraine and am in the process of heavily fortifying and arming it.

The Crimean peninsula is also now firmly under U.S. control.

The Southern border of Georgia has long been in contention (see the topic "The Russians Are Coming"). It is now very heavily fortified, manned with Medium Infantry and armed with Heavy Armor of all types.

I have successfully employed my new plasma weapons against key Russian airports along the European and Crimean sections of this very long defensive perimeter. These weapons have proved to be very effective and in some instances have allowed one bomber aircraft to accomplish objectives that previously required ten times that number.

Russia is so large that it appears to be a huge cluster of widely dispersed enclaves that could each possibly be vulnerable to individual attack.

So, my strategy towards Russia is now that I intend to take the Baltic Union. Once this objective is complete, I will have Russia surrounded on three of its four sides.

I will then initiate an attack along the Southern Georgian border, in order to unite my Ukranian front with my Eastern Kazakhstan front.

Depending upon Russian counter-attacks, I will selectively attack Russian enclaves one at a time until I have rendered "The Bear" into just another rare endangered Asian species.

October 5th, 2023 - Frack that stratagy - I am going to kill the Bear all at once, not piecemeal. I have a big, bad, mean army now and I have the Bear surrounded on two sides. I have 3000 MOBILE units, and 500 leg units, with only a few hundred of these along the Pakistan/Chinese border in the far East. I have TWICE the active duty military staff as do the Sovietskies.

I have been reinforcing the Ukranian border for over a year now - there are hundreds of units entrenched along this 2200 Km front. In addition, there are 110 units around Gadansk by the Black Sea that were not selected to invade the BU.

I have enough units entrenched along the Georgian border to move North and cut off and attack the Bear from the East.

I will detail a force from Finland to take and hold St. Petersburg. The rest of my army in the former Baltic Union consists of two main groups - the armor that went into Finland and the MecAir units that were left around Stockholm. These will all exit to the West, the way they came in - back towards Russia. Once this main body has formed up near Russia, I will order them directly towards Moscow.

I have considered using plasma weapons to take out key Russian bases, but with such a wide, coordinated assault I don't see the point - I don't intend to give them time to repair or re-group.

As for their formidable air force - I will just have to eat that punishment - I am bringing plenty of S.O.T.A. AA with me.


October 5th, 2023 - Russia starts out with a MC of 100%.

November 2nd - I am still triaging units from the BU war, and mopping up newly minted "Russians" from formerly BIU territory.

I gathered up other stragglers from throughout Europe and have sent them to group at Gadanzk, Poland.

November 20th - I am defending Helinski from Russian (formerly BU) ships attacking the city. I have entrenched artillery there and there are now just three of the former BU ships left.

November 25th - The problem with holding St. Petersburg is that there is a huge powerful Russian fleet bottled up in the "lake" just to the East.

I selected twenty-five tanks and fifteen M111E1 mobile artillery units to take and hold St. Petersburg. The tanks destroyed the defending units and entrenched in St. Petersburg and the ajoining town. The Tanks are tough enough to withstand the defending naval gun-fire. They fired back effectively whenever an enemy ship come close. I then moved up the "big" modded M111E1 long-range artillery to really repel the naval attack. Once the enemy ships moved off, I was able to remove some excess tanks towards Moscow, and to move other straggler units thru SPB and out of Findland.

November 28th - a large force had accumulated at Gadansk, Poland by the Black Sea, so I decided to start tightening the noose around Moscow. The Gadansk army was ordered to take the traditional "Baltic States" of Latvia, Lithuania, etc. They penetrated all of the way East to St. Petersburg, completing the North-West arc encirclement of the Russian capital.

The units long entrenched along the Northern Ukranian border were released and ordered to advance to the nearest major city outside of Moscow. The Northern units immediately took the city of Minsk South-West of Moscow, which become the new location of the main body.

This violated my strategic resolution to not allow Moscow defensive units any time to repair after one quick strike. Yet I think that the doctrine is sound - if I plasma bombed Russian bases at this point, I will have lost units under repair at these airbases when Russia surrenders. If I plasma bombed the two Moscow airports, then I would have destroyed the landed aircraft there. If I used plasma weapons on airports outside of Moscow, then the aircraft defending Moscow that could become mine would have had nowhere to retreat and may have crashed or fled the country.

November 30th - the former BU remaind heavily occupied with US forces, some of which were moving to the far North to take the Russian city/base at Murmansk. A medium force remained in Sweden, which must be evacuated.

December 8th - the main body of US forces had formed around Minsk. The new front surrounding Moscow was in disarray as the noose formed around the Bear.

Forces from Finland were evacuated thru the pacified St. Petersburg corridor, and were re-formed around the Russian city of Novgarad. They would soon be joined by the back-door holding force at St. Petersburg.

December 14th - Considerable fighting continued in Northern Yugoslavia, where a solid front was yet to solidify. To the North, a solid front existed facing Moscow, although enemy attacks continued and some units were not yet firmly entrenched.

January 3rd, 2024 - The US front facing Moscow had solidified. Defensive sorties from the capital had stopped. I had violated my strategic resolution to not allow Moscow defensive units any time to repair.

Pockets of mobile units still remained thru-out Europe and needed to be sent to the new front.

Forces in Turkey and Northern Iran along the Georgian border awaited the order to attack Northward.


Russian MC was 33%.

Janurary 4th - I recalled all mobile units from Sweden and ordered them to form up in Germany. I ordered all mobile units in Finland to travel thru St. Petersburg and to form up at Novgorod outside of Moscow.

I gathered up all mobile units that I could locate in Europe and ordered them directly towards Moscow.

January 6th - all units from Findland have arrived in Germany. I ordered all of them to head directly for Moscow.


January 11th - I ordered a general attack on the very heart of the Bear.

As the BU column from Germany arrived at the Moscow front near Minsk. I ordered all units along the Georgia front to proceed North to Volograd.

This was a complicated process, since the Georgian units had been entrenched there for a long period of time, and there werea lot of bases that were still actively producing new units. Each site where units were entrenched had to be individually selected and all units there un-entrenched. Each base had to be individually entered and checked for reserve units. If reserved units were found, then the base had to have a rally point set inside of Russia, before the resevere units could be deployed.

As the BU units begin to proceed towards Moscow, I also dug out units all along the Moscow front and ordered them to attack Moscow as well.


January 12th - I attempted to general all columns of units approaching Moscow. I seperated out all AA, Artillery and Troop units and had them hold at the border of Moscow. All Infrantry, Tank, AT units were allowed to proceed to the capital.

January 13th - I checked the progress of the US units attacking North from Georgia - they were making poor progress towards their objective of Volograd. This was a tactical failure on my part - I should have ordered their attack sooner.

January 14th - I just watched the battle rage. Russian aircraft attacks in the Moscow vacinity were furious but ultimately ineffective.

January 15th - The Bear surrendered with an MC of 21%. I got one billion dollars from the Russian treasury and nearly the entire Russian arsonal (I think) of state-of-the-art weaponry. The only Russian possessions that I didn't get were her Far East bases and units in Siberia and the Pacific coast. Nearly all of Siberia was ceeded to China.

I killed the Bear. [and I really like bears ]

I also gained a population of about 161 million, all of which went from a Russian approval rating of 22% to a US one of 44%. Explain that to the WM when they rate the US as a parhia.


Post-mortem: when I started out, Russia had about one million men under-arms. I had about 2.2 million. Once Russia fell, I had 3.1 million military personnel. This suggests an approximate loss of 200 thousand military personnel over-all in the Battle of Russia.

When we started out, I had 6238 units. After the fall of Russia, I ended up with 8853 units - a gain of about 33% against an opponent with only five percent of the Imperial US's population.

In order to man all of these units would take in excess of 3.7 million personnel with the additional man-power requirement of manning all of my military bases.

I think that I need to hold a garage sale. Want to buy an unused SA-20 AA unit?
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WWIII - State of the Empire

#36 Post by felinis » Feb 07 2007

This thread is on hiatus until approximately Febuary 26th, to allow time for me to settle into my new apartment and job.

I am changing jobs, moving to another city and taking a vacation.

I am dedicated to completing this scenerio and finishing this chronical. I bearly resisted the urge to take my laptop to Costa Rica with me (what a Geek).

My current strategy is to take the Baltic States and then rest my forces for up to a year in order to build both my forces and my reserves.

Taking France or Pakistan at this point is impossible - I am way over-extended.

I have been developing a killer Mod that I will share with the community at that time (hint: Plasma weapons). I am eagerly looking forward to re-entering the fray.


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#37 Post by felinis » Mar 12 2007

Game Date: Novenber 01, 2022

I'm back and am eager to finish this cluster-frack.

As I recall, my current plan was to re-group, re-arm and to recruit new reserve personnel. My troop levels are running dangerously low and I have to face Russia, China and India - with about 5.4 million army staff, compared to my 1.8 million.

Back in the good ol' days, when I took a country, I would get half of their men and units. Now I have to pound each country not just into submission, but also into near military extinction. This has got to change.

I have already instituted a crash unit production program - now I need to launch a crash military recruitment program. I only have 760,000 reservists, with an active force of 1.6 million troops. I won't be able to man all of the new weapons that I am producing with my current number of reservists.

Perhaps with my new super-weapons I can de-moralize my major enemies suffeciently to get their units to surrender without having to destroy all of them. The problem with that is that unless I am in control of their territory, they will likely surrender to another of my enemies instead of to me.
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#38 Post by felinis » Apr 18 2007

Game Date:19 January, 2023

I have not had too much contact with Spain - my plan was to just leave it along until I finished doing France.

The only problem that I had with Spain was that they were interfrerring with my shipping past Gibralter. I pretty much solved that by placing my largest artillery on the Algerian side of the straight to wound any Spanish units that got close enough to Gibralter to shoot at my ships.

This worked fine for a while, until I discovered that I had formed a "pinch-point" - a channel of open water that was too close to enemy units for my cargo ships to risk the crossing.

Anyway, guiding these reluctant ships manually worked for a while, then the Spanish stopped sending units South to be shot up - problem solved

Too make a short story shorter - I waited until I took France and then inventoried the units that I had available to invade Spain - not quite enough to risk an unacceptable kill-ratio.

So I activated the huge reserve force of airborne troops and units that I had squrriled away at Gibralter - after a long lay-off, my airborne attacks were on again.

The problem with this was my nagging manpower problem - I only had about 200,000 reserves vs. my 2,200,000 strong active duty force - call out a couple of hundred reserved marines, greens, sfs and scores of air-dropable mounted units and you are easily talking 140,000 reserves.

Add to this a sizable number of air-support units like C-5s, C-130s, A-10s and F15-Ks and you are looking at a serious manpower shortage.

I mitigated this by doing some long over-due house-keeping - I started shutting down obsolete bases throughout Europe. After all, I am no longer the hunted invader - I now run the place. I know very well that I can take Spain - it is just a matter of doing it effeciently. So my other local concerns are Russia, Russia and of course, Russia.

Taking the largely empty Baltic Union is not likely to present a big problem - after all, I just mobilized a huge airborne force - what better place to use it than in the BU?

But - I digress again. I deployed my masses of airborne leg and mounted units from their slumbering place in Northern Algeria along the straight of Gibrailter. I only have one air-strip there, so there was an horrific traffic jam.

Ideally, I would like just to rubber-band select a dozen hexes full of airborne units and order them to air-transport to Spain. This doesn't work when all you have for air ground support is one air-strip. What actually happens is that the scores of units and their assigned aircraft end up both just cyclying in and out of the air-strip without ever meeting up with each other.

This leaves no other option than to manually load the units nearby the airport onto one specific transport aircraft and then run the game timer until the target units are loaded onto the selected aircraft. When you have accumulated a suffecient number of loaded aircraft, you dispatch these transport planes to unload their units onto specific enemy targets. Then you repeat this process - again, and again, and again.

This worked very well with Spain - I had my French forces move into position to cover West and North of their capital of Madrid, while a huge airbourn force landed on the country's East coast and moved up East of the city.

May 5th - It was harder to keep my units from rushing pre-maturely into Madrid than it was to actually take Madrid. They were in bad financial shape, so when the capital fell to me, I only scored about $20 Million.


Two days later I took their second alternate capital city of Lisbon and Spain surrendered, rewarding me with the units on her West and North coasts. I also got a few ships and no aircraft.

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Baltic Union

#39 Post by felinis » Apr 25 2007

Game Date: May 7th, 2023

My arms factories are still working over-time on both sides of the Atlantic and I have had a net gain of units from my victories in Spain and France. I have plenty of ground and airbourne forces to take the BU.


June 14th - My forces were strewn all over Spain with airbourne inter-mingled with mobile infantry. I dispatched all non-airbourne units to move on Stockholm. These now consist of some pretty bad boys: over-built M-1080 FCS, GMT-2A Storm Hunter and M-11 tanks, LAV-11 Kodiak ATs, IFV-1 Crow tank killers, modded long-range M111E1 Templar and FCS-185 Excalibur II mobile artillery, with more new units being delivered every day.

I use a few combat helicopters but with the Western armed forces being ridiculously top-heavy with state-of-the-art AA, my huge air force is just kept mostly in reserve. The Soviet Union has 450 SA-20 S-400 Triumf AA units!

Every Western city is saturated with AAs. The good part of this is that a high percentage of enemy unit concentrations (AAs) are defensless close-up. After fighting a Western power for awhile, it turns out that what appears to be a heavily defended objective is just a hollow shell of dozens of AAs!

I marshalled the mechanized airbourne units to Spanish airports, then brought the C-5s and C-130 transports out of reserve for a large air-lift into South-Western Sweden. MechAir units boarded the transports and flew to their final point of departure at Frankenshaven airstrip on the Northern tip of Denmark.

I have had the BU corked up at Kopvenhaven for about a year now - now it is time to pull the cork.

The problem with the BU is that there is just a single road to get to anywhere. The capital at Helinski is the biggest problem - it is at the end of the longest single road - a logistical nightmare. One can either slog up and down the great arc from Sweden to Finland around the Gulf of Bothnia, or try the short-cut of crossing the straight at the Southern Aland Islands.

The immediate problem with "pulling the cork" is that it releases about thirty CV-90-120 tanks parked just to the West of Kovenhaven - this called for a diversion.

June 30th - I destroyed the enemy bases in Southern Sweden with plasma weapons. This left wounded tanks no choice but to flee North.

Then I launched the combat-loaded transports and ordered them to unload at Varburg on the South-West Swedish coast, North-West of the Swedish tank formation. This immediately drew the tanks North-West towards the landing. There they were met by modded M118s and M113s of mixed types including ATs, and a bunch of hungry LOSAT tank-killers.
The clash was brief and the enemy tanks soon retreated North as planned.

July 10th- Meanwhile, after the enemy tanks had passed Kobenhaven, my main force invaded Southern Sweden and headed for Stockholm.

From this point on it was like gangsters invading a monistary - my forces had the run of Scandinavia.

July 15th - My main force rolls into Sweden towards Stockholm.

July 20th - Stockholm falls inth US hands.


At this point I made a stratigic mistake - I decided to settle in to Southern Sweden and build a bridge from Stockholm to the Aland Islands.

July 25th - I maneuvererd my unit until I had the coast under US control. Then I laided down the roads and bridges half-way to the Islands, assigned a corps of Engineers and waited for the roadways to complete.
My Southern main force sets up a Northern perimeter against enemy defenders from the North.

July 30th - I go about happily invading Norway and central Sweden. My MecAir units continued their advance North up the Swedish coast, completing the destruction of the defending tank force that fled South earlier in the month.

August 20th - Norwegian coastal towns are so remote that I air-drop Marines and Airbourne into them.

Then starts the naval battle - unless I contested the Black Sea it would all be ceeded to Russia when the BU fell. So I needed to take naval control of BU waters.

August 25th- I started with taking control of the BU North Sea oil derricks on the West cost of Norway. I immediately siezed the closest two near the British sea frontier, using small naval units out of Breman.

August 27nd - I begin a naval blunder - I dispatched a small task-force of former German navy units out of the Breman seaport and sent them Northwards to accomplish the same thing with the remaining six derricks.

The problem, as you have probably already guessed, is that the BU has 22 submarines, many of the of the very nasty A-21 Viking type as well as eight SSK-207 Kobbens, one Kilo class, six SSK-6071 Ulas, U-31 Type 212As, A-14 Nakens, A-17 Vastrgottlands and A-19 Gottlands. I have been an SR Admiral for long enough to know that you should sweep for subs before any major naval movement - I should have known better. My only excuse is that the BU does not have a VISIBLE navy (except for a few at Helinski) - the invisible ones just did not cross my mind.

My oil derrick task force is immediately ambushed by BU submarines. I recall them immediately.

September 1st - I establish an ASW task force consisting of eleven P-3C Orion IIIs and ten MH-60R Strike Hawk ASW helicopters. Using frigates and then later, U-31 type 212A submarines as bait. I begin sweeping the Western coast of Norway for the pesky submarines.

This process takes quite a learning curve. The bait ship will patrol until an enemy sub is located. The submarine will attack and hit the bait ship. Meanwhile I vector in the P-3C Orions and the Strike Hawk helos. They will immediately engage and hit the enemy submarine. But here is where it gets trickey - the stronger, more modern enemy submarines will go silent and pretend to be destroyed. If the bait ship is a frigate, then the wounded enemy sub cannot be re-located and the ASW force moves off.

But when I started using other submarines for the bait ship, this changed - the enemy sub could no longer hide from my (wounded) sub and was always destroyed. This also required checking the scrolling casualty report on the right side of the screen to assure that the enemy sub was reported destroyed.

We successfully swept North up to the last BU oil derrick. This allowed US ships and subs to take control of each derrick.

September 10th - I stage a small airborune assault on Gotland island in the Black Sea and take the town and sea pier. This begins the establishment of my control of the Black Sea.

September 15th -we begin tp sweep the Skagerrack straight off Fredrikshaven with the ASW task-force. BU military confidence is 33%.

September 20th - The ASW force moves past Kobenhaven into the Black Sea. They continue sucessfully killing submarines North up to the new US sea pier at Gotland Island

October 3rd- I dispatch the main force of my naval units from Breman to steam up and around Denmark, using the newly swept passage, into the Black Sea. It had to hug the Swedish coast to avoid contact with the large Russian (previously Ukranian) fleet to the West.

October 5th - I destroyed the single defender of the Aland Islands with an A-10 assault and landed a small occupying force of airbourne troops. They took control of the town and the sea pier. The BU navy immediately began to contest posession of the pier, so I set up a heavy A-10 air-patrol of the pier. A-10s work very well on smaller ships.

October 7th - I determine that crossing the Aland straight with my armored infantry army is impossible - I should have figured this out sooner. I will have to drag the whole army on a the single long arcing road to Helinski. We started out immediately.


October 10th - I staged an airbourne assaullt across the straight and landed at Turku, West of Stockholm. This established my control of the area in preperation for the BU surrender.

October 12th - My army splits on it own accord upon reaching Kajaani to go around the large lake. The major part stays on the road South towards the BU capital while the amphibious units zeer East and then South to take control of South-Eastern Finland.

Ocotober 15th - The Eastern armored force takes control of South-Eastern Sweden and the Russian border town of Lapeenratta, setting the stage for the final capture of the capital. They stay clear of the Russian fleet bottled up East of St. Petersburg.


October 17th - Helinski falls as the US main armored force rolls in from the North. BU MC is now 21%.

October 18th - the BU surrenders. There was no financial reward from this impoverished country. The main BU fleet at Heliniski was ceeded to Russia. I got its remaining submarines and a few other small ships from up North. I also got a small air force of about a dozen JA-37 Viggen and -39 interceptors and a few helicopters. BU MC was 21%.

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Duplicate entry

#40 Post by felinis » Apr 26 2007

This is a duplicate entry. See "The Battle of Britain" below.
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#41 Post by felinis » May 01 2007

Game Date: June 26th 2024

This is a strange situation - I have not even started an entry for this country and it is already conqured!

My first skirmishes with India occured even before the fall of Pakistan. Indian units frequently assisted the Pakistanies, especially in the vacinity of Kashmere. In order to take Islamabad, I had to fight off Indian units as well as Pakistani ones.

This monolog begins at the fall of Pakistan. I immediately had to establish a stable front against India, as well as triage my units.

Stabilizing the border was tricky due to the multiple tributaries of the Indius River - the seperate branches were un-crossable and formed corridores opening into Indian territory. The process never really stopped.

India's MC was 67%.

August 3th, 2024 - Eventually as my units emerged from repair, I looked at the big picture and discovered that I had a big army ready to march into India. I have a world-wide armed force of 3.4 million men. I threw caution to the wind and ordered a blitz-kreg charge towards the Indian capital - a meer 735 kilometers away.

It worked brilliantly. The great thing about a blitz-kreg manuver is that when you select a huge mass of units and order them to attack a distant objective, they will find their own way there, and their way is usually the line of least resistance.

In this case, my main column of units actually avoided most of India's defenders, who did not really have time to react and form a blocking defense. New Delhi was heavily defended, but once the door was pounded down, my guys poured right in.


August 10th, 2024 - I took their capital at New Delhi and got a $2.2 billion payoff.

August 12th - I took Delhi. I got an additional $2 billion.

They then promptly switched their capital to Katkola (Calcutta) - on the other side of the country, near the Ganges delta and Bangladesh.

So far, this had not been very expensive. I took their capital without wip-sawing and driving my wounded units against their will - except to bust into the capital. The problem was there was still a LOT of India to take and, it was getting late at night and I was out of patence.

I selected all 854 of my units in the entire region and ordered them to take the new capital. I drove them without mercy. I directed local units to make sure to actually take all cities and towns on the way, to further drive down the Indian MC. The main body however continued to Calcutta.


August 30th - India's MC has dropped percipitously - it in now at 12%.
I have taken the North-West third of the country.

September 8th - I took their third capital at Katkola. Their MC is a meer 7%. I got $4.5 billion for my troubles. This has been very expensive in terms of both units and lives. And it is not yet over.

September 11, 2024 - I took their fourth and final capital at Dhaka and India surrendered. I estimate that I won half of their land units and all of their air and naval units - a HUGE prize in material.

The problem is that when I was finished with this blood-bath, I had 3.4 million military personnel - the same as before, but the casualties were 350,000 US and 383,000 Indian. I won over half of India's military units - 2,592 units.

By the Goat's screwy casualty counting, India lost about 2.55 million military personnel due to lost military bases - personnel lost at a base are not counted as casualties - they just drop out of the military. Sort of like the Iraqi army. I only gained those 350,000 Indian troops that were actually attached to units that I won.
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#42 Post by felinis » May 01 2007

Game Date: September 11th, 2024

Here again, I am composing the account of the victory ex-post facto.

As usual, I started tangling with China as I stablized the new border with India. After Russia fell, there was not much to negociate - most of that border is empty Siberian tundra. I constructed heavy fortifications there in anticipation of the coming Chinese struggle. I also started a covert program taking over the Arctic coast-line with a string of sea piers and rail-roads.

September 30th - Soon after India fell, the bottom fell out of my oil industry - not enough food, water or petroleum to go around, since my population nearly doubled. My units started shutting down due to lack of gasoline. I had to shut down nearly all of my new Russian military - everything but the border guards. I raised the cost of domestic petroleum by about 30%.

January 1st, 2025 - After a while, after I placed 3/4 of my units in reserve and got the remainder running again.

February 1st - They lined up tanks all along the border, but fortunately they were all out of supplies. Whenever I attacked them with my A-10s and helicopters, the Chinese air force would come down and strike with a vengence. I begin to more AA up to the border.

Febuary 15th - I finally noticed the Chinese oil-fields. My new ones were still under construction, but there were a bunch ready to be taken away from the Chinese - this HAD to be a good thing. I began to un-entrench my border units and moved up re-enforcements from India. I moved armored bridging units in all along the border.

March 15th - I have taken most of the Western Chinese oil-fields and my own new oil wells are begining to come online. Chinese resistance was strong, and columns of tanks began streaming in from the North.

I took out many of their bases all along the front with Migetman missiles with plasma war-heads and my entrenched artillery was able to deal with the armored onslaught.

I now noticed that Beijing was only about 630 km. away from my leading forces. The Chinese armored attack had ended. I decide to go for it.

March 27th - I mobilized all of my units in India and Eastern Russia - everyone was sent to Beijing. All other plans for re-capturing Siberia were abandoned.


April 11th - The leading petroleum capture force took the Chinese capital at Beijing and I won $3.4 billion. Many units in India and Russia are still catching up.

China moved its captial further East to Seoul on the Korean pinneslua. I went after it.

April 12th, 2025 - I took China's second capital at Seoul, Korea and they surrendered. All too easy. I got an additional $3 billion and all of China's remaining military.

The last blitz-kreg was costly, but I now have 4 million men under arms, with the gain of about one million new Chinese recruits. I now have 15,000 units, with about 4,000 of coming from China. I got a huge Chinese airforce and navy as well.



HAIL FELINIS - the un-disputed ruler of five continents!
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#43 Post by felinis » May 13 2007

April 12th, 2025

Indomalaysia (IM) is a series of islands and archipelagos South of China. Its irregular geography and watery boundries make IM a tough nut to crack. Luckilly its capital of Singapore is accessable by land, at the end of a long pinnesula. You need to bring a lot of armored bridges with you for this battle.


I reached Singapore quickly against medium defenses, until I reached the capital. Then things got complicated: Singapore is defended by land, sea and air - its sea-port held a fleet and there was an airport full of fighter planes. I could fight off two of these defenses, but not all three. I used plasma missiles to destroy the Singapore airport and a large part of its air-force.


I mobilized part of the Chinese fleet at from Hong Kong and armed them with Harpoon missiles. These naval units include French-made S-137 Agosta 90B submarines. I attacked the defending IM fleet from the North-East. Without my guidance, they did poorly against the IM defenders,
but once I concentrated their missile fire on individual targets they made good progress. Meanwhile my land units moved South and took the capital against heavy resistance. Those little attack helicopters can make very dangerous defenders.

Singapore fell and I took its sea-port - I thought. The minute I tried to berth my naval units there I discovered that the port and surrounding waters were infested with submarines. These were big mean SS-793 Hai Lung submarines that, working in pairs or packs, were invernerable to my Chinese destroyers, frigates and submarines.

I quickly brought in my ASW air units - P3-C Orions and MH-60R Strike Hawk helicopters. They quickly located the pesky subs and wiped them out, using my specially moded sonar bouys and Sea Lance anti-submarine missiles.

IM moved its capital to Malang. To get there I had to seperately bridge three islands West of Singapore four times. This battle went pretty much the same way as the battle for Singapore except that Malang did not have the heavy air defences of an air-port.

Again, when I tried to move up my naval forces they discovered submarines that they could not handle. Luckily I had my ASW forces close at hand and they again mopped up the IM sub in short order.
I emptied out the seaport on the Eastern coast of India and moved the entire fleet to Singapore.

I took the second IM capital and won $5 billion. IM's MC was now down to 25%. IM moved its capital to Manilla, on the isolated island of Mendinoa.

There were several more IM islands to the East that I could have tried to take, but I decided that it was not worth the trouble - I would get them for free once I took the Philippines. I decided to just leave a garrison force on the two islands. The problem with this was that IM units started to pop up seemingly out of nowhere.

After a few months, I figured out that they were infiltrating from the Eastern islands, past my thinly spread entrenched units. Eventually I took my whole garrison and entrenched them in the city that guarded the single brige to the East. That worked out fine.

Then began nearly one year of inactivity in the IM campagne. I continued to suffer petroleum shortages and my entire Chinese army was still deployed - right where they were at the fall of China in April. Also, I had an entire world's worth of housekeeping to do: build more resources for the seemingly insatiable appetite of my new Chinese empire, place my thousands of petroleum sucking idle units back into reserve, scrap hundreds of closed bases and close hundreds more.

I added hundreds of new petroleum fields, coal and ore mines, farms and water works. I upgraded scores of factories. I also scrapped many under-productive facilities of all types. Them, six months later I did it again.

I supplemented the Chinese highway system and added coastal roads where they were lacking. I completed the Siberian rail system that I had begun prior to the defeat of China.

I resumed work on an Arctic seaway from Norway to Northern Japan, by building an un-broken chain of sea piers along the Arctic Ocean. This was in case I needed to evacuate my Atlantic fleet that way to Japan.

I completely shut dowm the remains of my armorment factories in Northern Africa, the Middle East, Italy and in CONUS. I scrapped sea-piers and ports throughout the Med and the Black Sea.

Closing bases in Russia, Turkey, Iran, Germany and Western China was tough because most of them contained dozens of reserve units. These units needed to be sent to one of the two current fronts - France or China. My British assault forces were still waiting in France, after well over a year's wait. I rounded up foot units and placed them in reserve in centeral locations.

When I was done, every single land unit, except for launchers and garrisons, had been placed into reserve, including the IM and British invasion forces. So had every air unit, except for a few transport helos.

Naval units remained in two fleets - one off France and one off China.
I was planning an amphibious assault on the Philippines, so I placed all of my French transport ships into reserve at Brest. That way I could order my three Chinese invasion forces to simply "sea transport", without my French transports trying to sail to China.

When this monumental under-taking was complete my treasury was once again making money, my petroleum business was prospering and I had plenty of electrical power. I lifted the order to conserve petroleum. I replaced my conservative Interior minister with a moderate one so as to increase social spending.

Since my technology level was now at 120, I cut the research budget, re-focused on increased technology level and closed a dozen research facilities. This caused my treasury level to soar to over eight TRILLION dollars!


August 9th, 2026 - I begin re-organizing my Phillipine invasion force.
I emptied out the airbase and sea port at Quadala, on the tip of the Horn of Africa and moved all of the units to China. Then I closed the old facilities there.


I established surveillance air-patrols of the Phillipines, as well as submarine partols. This established that the sea pier on the Northern tip of the island was lightly defended. This would be the landing beach-head.

Surprisingly, a submarine sweep revealed no submarines!

The invasion was based at Hong Kong, utilizing sea piers to the North and South. I emptied out two or three bases of their reserves and stationed the deployed units at the two sea piers. I balanced out the two forces, snce one had all of the tanks and the other all of the supply trucks.

Nothing much was stationed at Hong Kong, which just contributed a few ships. The armada was divided into two groups one at each sea-pier.
I armed all of my combat ships with Harpoon and M-48 LG-NTACMS missiles.

The landing ships were a mixed fleet of Carriers, AOEs, many LCPLs and real amphibs such as LSTs and LPDs. I selected and then ordered all of the Northern land units to "sea transport" to the objective in the Phillipines.
It all happened very quickly - the transports lept towards the land units at the pier and almost immediately loaded transports were headed for the beach-head.

I quickly ordered the Northern combat group to attack the beach-head. They met almost no resistance. The transports were right behind.
They landed their units, which immediately took the Northern tip of the island.


Once the Northern force had all landed, I ordered the Southern strike group to assault and land at the sea pier at Cavete, on the South-West side of the island. The Philippine defenders had no chance - both forces quickly surrounded Manilla in the South. It took almost no micro-managing on my part.

November 6th - Manilla fell and I won $6.3 billion.

November 7th - Indomaylaysia surrendered and I got an additional 5.5 billion. The IM went down with an MC of 15%. It turned out that I had destroyed most of the IM navy - I only got a few scattered Frigates and no submarines.


I lost nothing to Japan, but Australia took New Guinea. Britan has several small island groups East of Australia. I don't know if they had them earlier or not.
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The Battle of Britain

#44 Post by felinis » May 13 2007

Much earlier in the game, I started a long campagne to weaken Britain prior to actually invading it. once I had established air and sea bases on the Spanish Madria islands, I started sending naval task forces North to Britan to destroy their Western oil platforms.

January 19th, 2023 - Once I captured France, I destroyed many of Britain's oil fields with plasma missile attacks.

May 5th, 2023 - After the fall of Spain I began building the necessary invasion infrastructure along the English Channel on the North-Western coast of France, between Brest, France and Breman, Germany. I put in about six new air-strips. I assured that there was at least one airport and one seaport on each end of the front. Then I just gave these time to build while I attended to beating up on China.


I also needed to protect the coast from British naval bombardment, and take back sea-piers along the Channel. For this I brought in moded long-range M-111 Excalibre artillery. This backed the British fleet off to their side of the channel.

August 18th, 2023 - During the fight for the Balic Union, I got an opportunity to take and hold five British oil platforms in the North Sea. I had to over come many BU submarines in order to accomplish this.


April 12th, 2025 - China went down to defeat and it was once again time to attend to the Brits - or at least that was my intention. What actually happened was that the addition of three additional billion Chinese citizans to my empire caused drastic shortages in vital commodities - especially petroleum. My thousands of little deployed units, scattered all over Eurasia, began to run out of gas. I had to begin a crash program to build more facilities of all types, or in the case of petroleum, re-build, since at one point I had literally had too much oil!

I also had to start placing thousands of units into reserve, until I only had enough deployed to attack Britain. These activities actally took about a year of game time.

Invasion troops were marshalled at two sea piers along the West coast of France, South of Brest, and at the seaport at Brest.

April 12th, 2027 - Now to invade Britain - really. My strategy was to land the amphibious forces assembled on the Western French coast onto the thin, poorly defended peninsula at the South-West tip of Britain, at Plymouth.

In order to accomplish this I needed to neutralize the two other elements of Britain's defensive triad: their navy and air-force. To cripple their air-force, I used plasma armed missiles to take out their two main airports. Enemy air-forces do not fight long if they do not have a nearby place to repair at.

That left the main British fleet. The fleet was based at Portsmouth in the center of the Channel. I pulled my entire fleet of combat ships and submarines out of reserve at Breman and loaded them up with Harpoon missiles.

I had about fifteen A-21 Viking submarines that only take size 2 missiles. The only size 2 missile is the French Exoset missile, which I could not produce. To solve this problem, I moded the sub-launched Exocet so that it could be produced by the US. I also upgraded its range and war-head strength to resemble the US Harpoon.


Surprisingly, there were few if any submarines in the Eastern stretch of the Channel. I sent a dozen submarines into the Channel from Breman to sweep for subs, but the the coast was clear. Therefore, I moved the bulk of my German fleet onto the Eastern Channel and gradually moved them towards Portsmouth. There was a furious exchange of anti-ship missiles, but my Russian, French and BU Crusisers, Frigates and Submarines gradually over-powered the British surface ships.

I kept them out of reach of the British subs. I had other plans for them.

To defeat British submarines in the Channel I field tested two new moded weapons - the Sea Lance missile and the SB-1 SONAR buoy. I formed large wings of MR-60R ASW helo squadrons and equipped each squadron with one SONAR buoy. Later I packed eight of these squadrons onto a carrier, to take them beyond the French coast.

Sonar buoys work like this - since they are moded from free-fall bombs, they are a type of slow speed (50 KPH) missile. Each one has a high spotting strength (150 km). Ideally, a buoy would not need a target - it is after all not an offensive weapon. However, due to the game engine, in order for a plane to launch a bomb or missile, it must aim it at a valid (correct unit type and with the weapon's range) enemy target. So too with the SONAR buoy. Even though it will just fall out of the airplane, it must be aimed at an enemy target in order to launch. I is programmed with an incredible (10000 km) range, which allows it to be aimed at nearly any enemy target, no matter how far away.

Again, ideally, one would like for a SONAR buoy to last for a long time (several days), so that it can keep pinging for submarines. It turns out that although this is possible, it is not necessary. An Idiosyncrasy in the game makes any submarines that are detected, automatically disappear into "the fog of war" after several hours. Having a persistant SONAR buoy doesn't help - the subs still disappear.

If you turn off the "Fog of War", then you get to see the submarines all of the time, at least of you have 100% satellite coverage.

So, these buoys destruct just like free-fall bombs do. You drop one, it detects all subs within 150 KM and then it blows up. Another advantage of this is that you really don't want to clutter up the battle-field with old SONAR buoys, especially since each one sports a big health bar.

I also formed a wing of P-3C Orion ASW squadrons and armed each of them with the new Sea Lance missile. Each Sea Lance as a high-yield plasma war-head, so one hit on a submarines with one is sure to be fatal.

British ships and S-107 Trafalgar submarines were still arrayed around the Portsmouth seaport, with many of the subs actually in the port. This meant that my ASW force as still not safe from British sea and air units. I gingerly moved single ASW helo squadrons just one or two hexes into the Channel, where I had them launch their SONAR buoy. This worked very well - all of the enemy subs in the vacinity, all the way across the Channel, showed ou immediately. Now all I had to do was assure that there was a P-3C Orion squadron near and ready to launch a Sea Lance missile at the enemy subs. After about three repeatitions of this, the central Channel was empty of enemy subs, except for those actually in Portsmouth harbor.

I used combat ships from Northern France to pre-sweep the sea up to and then North of the amphibious landing beach-head at Plymouth. Then I landed the entire ASW helo operation onto an ASW carrier and moved the carrier up North of Plymouth to search for enemy subs there. I found and destroyed just one.

This still left the remaining enemy ships and subs at the Portsmouth seaport. I refrained from molesting Northern enemy naval units, since I wanted to inherit them when Britain surrendered.

To neutralize enemy air-cover in the South, I brought up dozens of SSBN-Virginia class submarines from France and ordered them to slowly approach Portsmouth. These subs were moded with attack ranges that allow them to strike ememy subs and ships, yet stay out of enemy range themselves. This worked perfectly and the remaining British surface ships and more submarines were destroyed.

The remaing subs were still dangerous and I did not want to risk losing any more expensive Virginia submarines, so I brought up combat-loaded carriers for air-cover and then called in more P-3C Orions and Sea Hawk ASW helos to destroy the remaining six British subs at Portsmouth.

Then I sent multiple squadrons of P-3C Orions and Sea Hawk ASW helos to Portsmouth to kill the six remaining submarines there. This worked perfectly and exausted the remaining RAF air units in Southern England.

South-Central England contained the core of the enemy's forces, arrayed between London and Birmingham - A solid wall of armor consisting of hexes full of Challenger II tanks and Engineers. I seriously wanted to attrite these enemy units as much as possible prior to my amphibious invasion.

The first thing that I did to further this objective was to line up eight hexes full of missile launchers in a straight line. This line of hexes occupied the same line as did Britains line of defending tanks and engineers. In this way, I hoped to be able to fire missiles straight down the line at the main British armor, yet avoid the strong enemy AA that surrounded the enemy core.

This set the stage for the invasion. I made sure that all transport and amphib ships West of Egypt were taken out of reserve and sent to the Western coast of France. Meanwhile, I took more non-airborne land units out of reserve from Western Europe and positioned them near the three departure sea piers on the Western French cost.

June 7th, 2027 - Next I staged a heavy arial attack or "Blitz" on England's core armored units. I deployed all seventy-three of my FB-22 Raptor Fighter-Bombers and ALL of my heavy bombers - Russian Tu-22M Backfires, B-52Hs, B-2A Spirits, British B(I)8 Canberras and Chinese H-6s - about one-hundred twenty-five in all. I loaded and armed them with all of the concentional ARM missiles that I had.

I did not want wounded enemy units to run and be repaired at their bases, so I used missile launchers to destroy their bases in central England.

Then I ordered the FB-22s to "air patrol" the Birmingham vacinity and the bombers to patrol the area just North of London. I gave them free rein with their ROE's set to meduium initiative and approval for targets of opportunity. Damage to facilities was not allowed.


It was quite a sight and many non-armored units were quickly destroyed. FB-22s have some anti-aircraft attack capability and this did much to surpress enemy interceptors. I let this attack continue for at least one day, then I performed some BDA. Softer units were being badly damaged but the enemy core armor and Engineers were pretty much untouched.

I moved both of their points of attack several hexes South and re-launched the attack for another day with pretty much the same result. I had both air armadas RTB and performed another BDA. Again, all I could discern was that "there wasn't quite as many as there was a while ago", and the actual central armor seemed pretty much un-touched.

But the enemy's core was no longer completely engulfed in protective infantry and AA. Good enough. I performed triage on my aircraft, then placed all of the un-damaged ones back into reserve.

Once all of the transport ships straggled in, I ordered the three invasion forces to "Sea Transport" to Plymouth, one group at a time.

At the same time, I ordered the Western naval combat forces to attack the Plymouth peninsula. I armed all of their M-48 LG-NTACMS missiles and soon the peninsula was preped for the incoming amphibious assault.

Two things went wrong - one was that there was no sea pier for my non-amphibious units to land on. The second was the heavy stream of enemy reenforcements that started to stream West from Southern England.


The transports that did not completely unload at Plymouth I diverted thru the Channel to a sea pier in South-Eastern England in Cornwall, North the mouth of the Thames. Luckily I now controlled the Channel. The transports with the non-amphib units dutifully moved to Cornwall and deposited their units - the invasion was on.

I did not force my invasion units forward, but had them form defensive perimiters and build outpost and air strips. I did not want them to plow into the English defenders without repair bases nearby and accessable.

Naval units did their part in both the East and West, both moving up the major rivers toward the London and Birmingham.

Over several weeks I performed much manuvering of operational units and eventually was able to take the entire Southern part of England.

I was quickly able to take London. Britain quickly moved their capital North to Birmingham.

The rest would not be so easy. The long armored line held firm, despite my heavy attacks. I organized front lines and organized my forces arrayed against the enemy armor. I moved my Western artillery up and had them pound the enemy line. Them I brought up my AT units and gave them a crack at the defending British armor. Then I moved up my own armor and had them attack the line.

Where there were hexes heavily defended by stacks of morters and infantry, I called in missile attacks to break these enemy defenses.

Slowly British defenses started to retreat. I sent forces North-West in order to perform an end-around attack around the armor defending Birmingham. The enemy line crumbled further. Then as we approached the capital I ordered a general attack directly towards Birmingham. Again, the enemy defenses were stiff, but soon Britain's second capital fell.


The capital them moved far North to Glasgow, Scotland. I triaged my units and sent damaged one in for repair. That still left a large number of operational units. Those I began to send North to clear the highway to Glasgow of enemy opposition. This time the enemy defenses were much less determined, since most of their armor has been neutralized at this point. My units moved North, taking city by city, village by villiage. Soon they massed South of the new capital and them it quickly fell.

November 19th, 2027 - Britain surrenders with an MC of 14%. They were deeply in debt, so my treasury gained nothing. I got the remainder of their navy and land units.


Strange thing here, and I have observed this before in Israel - instead of being destroyed, many enemy units just lose all of their troops, then disappear, only to re-appear after their country's surrender as empty wraiths - long empty red rectangles that must be sent to a base for "repair" and a complete re-staffing. Groups of these appear in un-usual locations, waiting to be sent for repair.
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#45 Post by felinis » May 13 2007

November 27, 2026

I started capitalizing on my conquest of Indomalaysia (IM) by revamping its transportation infrastructure. It is a complex collection of islands, a surprising number of which are bridgable. I created a new series of roads and bridges to inter-connect the islands and untimately forge a path to Australia.


Of course, many straights between islands were un-bridgable. In this circumstance, I simply built a sea pier on each side of the straight, then connected the new sea pier to the highway. How I am going to ferry across the gaps still remains to be solved.


I also set up air surveillance patrols to keep tabs on the distribution of Australian forces.

I placed all IM units into reserve, except for the Engineers. Where there was no base, I started construction of one. The Engineers I placed on sea pier projects or just had them sit on sections of road that was under construction. I also started a dozen or so Fusion power plants throughout the islands.

I moved my surveillance planes out of the South China sea to existing air strips North-West of Australia.

I built dozens of new air-strips, using the islands near Australia as massive aircraft carriers.

I mustered a large force of airborne Engineers to land and started bases on un-owned or un-defended islands. I also began organizing airborne strike teams to take and hold sparsely defended islands surrounding Australia.

November 19th, 2027 - Britan fell and I turned my attention back to Australia. The Indomaylasian infrastructure was in place still being constructed. So I spent a great deal of time and effort evacuating my forces from Europe. I also closed down hundreds of now un-needed European bases. This took a LONG time. It was probably also unnecessary, but I am somewhat compulsive and felt the need to clean up my new Empire.

In reality I easily had enough ships, planes and land units already in reserve in Asia to take both Australia and Japan.

January 01, 2029 - Europe had been evacuated and I was ready to become "The Thunder Down Under".

I started by re-claiming New Guinea from Australia. When I took Indomalaysia, the Aussies got New Guinea. I staged an amphibious landing on the North-West tip of the island and easily moved South-West with my land forces.


This was a pretty big force, so once they had settled in to New Guinea and had I had repaired all of the damaged units, I re-deployed them to invade the Northern tip of Australia.

This invasion was only lightly opposed, since the beach-head was un-occupied. I built-up the beach-head with a full complement of bases - a seaport, airport and three additional landing strips.

I started to receive air harrasment from the Australian North-East coast. I brought in dozens of F-22 and F-23 intceptors and set up air patrols to the South and South-East. These planes quickly surpressed the enemy air partols.

My goal was to build a central air complex from which to launch a series of airborne attacks on the coastal Australian cities, especially its capital at Sidney. The Northern invasion force easily moved South and took both of the small towns along the way. Construction of the complex was begun immediatly.


As soon as one landing strip was completed in central Australia, I flew in the airborne units. I have been careful to segregate my airborne units from my regular infantry and heavy armor, so as to allow fairly easy airbourne assauts. Unfortunently, there have been few opportunities for airborne movements lately, due to heavy AA and air-cover in major European and Asian countries.

I also adjusted my air surveillance patrols to take advantage of the new fronts.

Once the whole complex was completed, I continued my invasion plans. First I moved the Northern invasion force East to take the North-East shore. Simutaniously, I launched the airborne attack of Sidney - the capital. Both battles were ferocious and I ended up entrenching both groups.


Sidney was taken and Australia moved their capital nearby to Brisbane.
Australian MC fell to 23%.

I went looking for additional units to send. Since everyone was entrenched, then I re-visited Australia later, it appeared as though most of my units had been decimated. Actually, there were more than suffecient forces remaining to complete the invasion.


I mobilized all of the airborne units and triaged them. Then I used them to take most of Eastern Australia, including all of their oil wells.

I mobilized the non-airborne units and massed them East of Brisbane on the South coast. I also had them take the North side of the area to take out the dozens of FIM and Redeye AA units waiting there.

Then I re-formed all of the airborne units at their central air complex. Once they had all arrived, I ordered then to air transport to Brisbane.
The air assault worked perfectly.

December 8th, 2029 - Australia surrendered, but with no monitary payoff for me. I did get about 100 submarines and frigates. The remaining air-force consisted of several dozen F/B-18F planes that I very much needed to equip the remained of my carrier groups.




As I was retreating from Australia, I noticed that New Zealand had ceeded to Japan! I decided that it was not worth taking, since it was unlikely that Japan would ever move its capital to any of the small cities there. But just in case, I left important bases in Australia intact just in case I needed to come back and take New Zealand.


What I DIDN'T notice was that with the annexing of New Zealand, Japan obtained three much needed oil platforms.
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