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Posted: Aug 08 2006
by bergsjaeger
Israel is capable of much more than is shown in the game and in real life. As for Turkey. Think how u fought Sryia and add 5x the amount of units u had. Because Turkey is a very big country. So if u try to conquer them with less units as possible u'll have several gaps in ur line. With Egypt. Use air drops and sea assaults to lure units away from the Suez Canal.

As for the Jericho. Not sure how many is needed for any kind of base. I just built them up and keep firing them until the bases were destroyed. It took me awhile to get enough of them. Right now its just me and Iraq left. And their getting a much needed beating right now. U should have seen one air to air battle that was going on over Bagdad. My Kidones against Iraq's J-Farmers. I was out numbered like 3 to 1. :D But just one of my Kidone squads can take on 5 squads at once and never be runned off. And I had 15 or so. And at the same time Jerichos were raining down on all the cities around Bagdad and outline cities. Now that was pretty with all the explosions going on.

Restarted game

Posted: Aug 09 2006
by tonystowe

I believe that I have experienced my first Arab DoW against another Arab country in which I, playing as Israel, was at war with. The background is that I waited until 15 JAN 2011 to DoW against Syria when my CB was 96% against Syria. Oddly, the CB against me were very low with: Jordan - 9%; Egypt - 19%; Saudi Arabia - 24%; and Turkey - 4%.

Anyway, I DoW against Syria and by 01 FEB 2011 I had pushed Syrian territory northward approximately 175-200 km from the original border. As I was cleaning up this area of enemy troops, destroying infrastructure, and repairing my injured troops I noticed that Jordan was showing messages of increasing their DEFCON. Initially I thought that I was about to open a second war front but Jordan DoW against Syria! Jordan has thus far made small thrusts in which it has killed only one Syrian unit but it has taken control of 14,450 sqkm of land. Interesting.

I also attempted a Formal Alliance with Turkey were I threw in $60 BN worth of technology and they still refused! :-?

Posted: Aug 09 2006
by Khorne
To tell you the truth if in cases like the suez canal if i have any options of getting around ill take it.But if i find myself with no such options in a meat grinder then ill i can tell you is this. --> Thought for a day: "The end always justifies the means". So yes if a complex of factorys daily production is worth far more to the nation then the lives of a thousand men and women a day trying to defend it then that is acceptable.

Posted: Aug 10 2006
by bergsjaeger
Well Tony. It looks like ur on the right track to taking over the area because usually Sryia DoW on Jordon before me in most of my games. Sometimes me first then Jordon DoW on Sryia. Course Turkey gets involved too but DoW on Sryia too. If u can keep it that way u'll have an easy time fighting and be able to build enough units to take over the area at one time if u wanted to. And as of right now in my game Bagdad or what's left of bagdad is about to fall. nearly 12M Iraqi civilians and 550k soldiers is what its costing the Iraqi's so far.

Posted: Aug 10 2006
by tonystowe
After sending my last post I continued with my game and several developments pushed my timeline in attack Iraq. While I was fighting Syria I noticed that Iran had invaded and eliminated Iraq. Soon after Iran started attacking Saudi Arabia and I noticed, using my E-3, that Iran was fully engaged with SA and had minimal units in Western Iraq. With my CB at 98% against Iran I went ahead and DoW and starting pushing eastward. Fifteen days after my DoW Jordan and then Turkey DoW against Iran. Turkey was pushing a large number of troops in comparison to my forces so I used my SOF to capture critical resources and cities ahead of their push to focus Turkey's advance. Jordan is nothing less than garbage in terms of its DoW as it continues to remain dormant. I am finding that my push eastward is wrought with supply issues and I my C-130's and helo's simply cannot keep the FLOT moving at a steady pace.

On with the war! ALL HAIL TONY, ALL HAIL TONY! :)

Posted: Aug 10 2006
by bergsjaeger
try uping ur spending on infrastructure or build a large base in the area where the supply is low. Build it where u know u be able to hold it. :lol: Sounds like ur having fun. Try not to get sand in ur shoes along the way though.

Posted: Aug 30 2006
by foo
IRL the arab strategy is the leave the Palestineans inside Israel's territory to provide a ready supply of partisan and insurgency attacks. Of course they won't bargain to reclaim their country. They know exactly what they're doing. Now they can claim Israel occupation and play the underdog card. They don't truly care for the Palestineans, otherwise, they'd have integrated them into their own countries. Instead they leave them to rot in refugee camps under Israel's control. Looks like battlegoat got that region sussed just fine. Clever arabs. :wink:

Posted: Nov 20 2007
by The Khan
tonystowe wrote:I am really enjoying this scenario thus far and shortly after posting Turkish guerilla units began popping up all over the place. This event triggered the Turkish ground forces (TGF) to push forward and surprisingly overran my forward troops. Within one month the TGF had recovered 75% of the ground that I had taken from them and was pushing into Syrian territory.

I was completely taken by surprise by these events and could not regain the initiative. I had full strength units at the FLOT (Forward Line of Troops - for those that don't know) and the TGF simply cut the supply lines to my FLOT and then killed them as they starved. The guerrilla units remained in the cities and I simply couldn't root them out!!
Mwahahahah you could'nt beat the glorious Turkish Armed forces!

You should do it the historic way, ally with your generous hosts for 5 centuries.

I allied with Israel and ate away Syria and Iraq, and all the Middle East hates me now. Including the Saudis. It will be a long way all into the desert carrying supplies...