New York City

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New York City

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I'll be "brief". Campaign starting as New York City.

I spent most of the time training artillery and infantry vehicles as well as air power, the thinking being that I could use the artillery to pound the enemy from afar and when needed, charge with the infantry vehicles. Of course the use of air power needs no explanation.

With only about two months before the unification vote, and a lead by about 10%, Central New York attacked me. I gained an extra 10% of the reunification vote since they lost a lot of support, and the war began.

I charged my infantry across the bridge and used my air power to protect my units. I captured a few cities and then moved my artillery across the bridge. As the war progressed, my stupid infantry units tried attacking Albany without my permission and were obliterated by defending artillery. My fear grew as I saw a hoard of tanks coming after my undefended artillery. I quickly ordered them back, sending whatever remaining close-combat units I had up to the front and sending my planes back into combat almost before their fuel was replenished. I destroyed several waves of tanks but not without heavy casualties.

By now, my artillery and infantry units which were being repaired during all this time were now back in the field, and I planned to put them to good use. I sent one infantry unit at a time into Central New York, attracted some enemy units, retreated, and my artillery pounded the enemy as they came after my decoy. Before they could retreat, I obliterated them. I repeated this about a dozen times and then I was finally able to send my units into Albany and take the city. Central New York surrendered. Northern New York took very useless possessions; I do not believe they even gained a city, just some empty land in the west.

Surprisingly, in less than two minutes after Central New York's surrender, a message came up saying that I won the reunification vote. New England, here I come!


I quickly upgraded air strips, scrapped the navy bases since I didn't want to waste money on a navy at this stage, and upgraded outposts.

My second action was an alliance with New Jersey since I did not want a two front war with them and New England.

I chose to bide my time, training units, primarily aircraft, artillery and tanks. Within several months, I was notified of a war declaration. Ohio invaded New Jersey!

I considered being neutral, but this was a chance to fight a justified war. I declared war against Ohio since I signed a mutual defense pact with New Jersey, and I quickly sent my planes and military through Jersey and captured Ohio's most northeast land and air bases. A rush was on against Jersey, and I began moving my army south so I could block off Jersey and Ohio, hoping that would give me a chance to take all of Ohio for myself since Jersey was only a few million votes behind me in the polls. Within about two days, all Jersey gained was a few Timber facilities.

I began a concentrated attack against Ohio, with one army going along their southern border and then up their western border to prevent the west from falling into Illinois hands. My second army group headed along the Great Lakes towards the capital.

I met surprising resistance at their capital, and in order to defeat them I had to bring much of my army guarding my border against New England. Ohio fell shortly after I surrounded their capital.

I secured an alliance with Illinois earlier, so only Minnesota and New England were threats. I sent a few dozen units to protect my northern border with Michigan but most of the rest I sent to my border with New England, who had a much more impressive army.

With only a few months remaining before the reunification vote, and a 5% lead in the polls, New England declared war on me. My aircraft obliterated half of the enemy on my border, but I lost many aircraft in the process (though many of them chose to repair instead of be destroyed, but they would have been too weak to bring into combat anyway). Weakened, I let my south eastern army group, where most of the enemy awaited, stay still. I did not want to charge them although they were weakened since I knew many tough units were waiting near Boston. Instead, I sent a large army north and sacked most of northern New England and attacked Boston from the northeast, interestingly. They were ready to invade me from their southwestern corner, but their doom came from their northeastern corner. Also, by being northeast, I had a terrain height advantage which usually I don't care about, but this time, with a large number of artillery, it really helped. I destroyed New England's best units with little to no losses, and let the weakened ones stay still while I captured Boston. New England surrendered, and I found myself with almost over half of New England's original army.

Within two days, Minnesota foolishly declared war on me and Illinois. Since most of my units were in New England pouring tea into the harbor, Illinois plunged deep into Minnesota.

My units overwhelmed northern Minnesota and shortly after, I was able to capture at least 80% of Minnesota before they surrendered. Illinois was now a mere 4% behind me, and less than a month remained in the Reunification vote. Luckily, I had won every regional vote up until this time.

Then a weird thing happened about a week before the Reunification. Illinois declared war on New Jersey even though they did not touch each other. I message came up asking me to support New Jersey (who was attacked).... I did not want a war with Illinois since they had a large army facing my unprotected formerly Ohio border. So what did I do? I didn't respond to the message at all. Time continued and since Illinois declared war, they lost almost 10% of their supporters and I had over 15% of a lead with less than a week remaining. Guess what?

On to North America.


I knew my main threat would be Western US. I quickly upgraded my forced, allied with the West and Canada, and deployed all my units. I found I outnumbered all the other regions combined. I was happy.

I did something I had not done yet, since my population support was now in the 20% range. I did not have the budget to start massive social spending, could not afford cutting taxes, and was too greedy to sell military units or cut research funding.... So I invaded Southeast US.

I beat them in an incredibly quick time. I did not even need to plan attack routes. I just massed my army and sent it along the coast, all the way around Florida, and finally to the border with US West. I then moved my army up in masse and captured the capital and US Southeast surrendered.

I upgraded everything and began researching destroyers for the first time, knowing this time I will need a navy.

Within almost a year, I got bored, and I invaded both US West and Canada, resulting in my eviction from the World Market.

Capturing the capital of US west was easy, and it was finished within about a week. But they surrendered so quickly and I hoped they would move their capital to Seattle or Los Angeles or something, but no. That mean Canada got much of California and Washington, and Mexico got the large population centers of Los Angeles.

I pushed my way into Canada's capital and they moved the capital to British Columbia. Now I had to travel across a continent to end this war. And my diplomatic rating was hurt so I could not stop Mexico from bringing me into a two front war.

Now, however, I was beginning to feel pain. I had a huge army, but little petroleum. I ran out of gas, and my economy was hurting. Inch by inch, I sent my army west. I got as far as Utah and Spokane Washington but then it was as if my units could get no further. I had plenty of units (over 3,000) out of gas around Montana. So many units ready to overwhelm Canada, so close, but so hopeless. I closed many air bases, stopped military training, cut research funding, and raised taxes very high and gave very little towards social spending. What happened next was sad, but not surprising.

I lost my regional popular vote.

A poor sport, I rejected the views of the people, and I became a dictatorship.

I sold many of my aircraft, and my units gained full tanks of gas one by one. I pushed into California and Seattle, but then they ran out of gas again. So I sold about 2,000 infantry that was hanging out around New York. It was enough to get a solid hold on southern California (which, due to Mexico's grab, meant middle California). I massed units around Seattle, and began driving north. I had crossed 3,000 miles in this map only to find that 200 miles could be a real pain in the butt. Canada had a large navy and from Seattle to BC was practically full of military units, many of them being tanks and dozens of aircraft.

It took me nearly a year after capturing Seattle to finally capture only about 90 miles of territory, not even penetrating Canada. But shortly after a year, nearly 1,000 units of infantry overwhelmed Canada's defense and although I lost many good men, I captured the BC capital and Canada surrendered.

Mexico, give me back the Alamo!

I was particularly frustrated that Los Angeles was in the hands of the Mexicans, and I had a great idea for combating those illegal inhabitants. War!

I massed my units totally around Mexico's borders, particularly wherever there was a road, and I declared war. The north and west of Mexico was particularly easy, and I found myself with about 4,000 units northwest of Mexico City and only about 1,000 southeast of it. My eastern units got their first, but my northern units were the ones to get the glory in capturing Mexico City. They surrendered, giving Central America much of their southern territory.

I said I wanted all of Mexico dang it!

War again.

Two army groups this time - one along the east coast, the other along the west. The western group I knew would reach the capital quicker, but the eastern group took over a lot more ground and protected my flank since my army was almost 90% artillery.

Fuel became an issue again but I was able to move from base to base, replenish my fuel, and then move on. Central America fell and the entire continent was mine.

All I needed to do was fight those dang Caribbean pirates!

I looked at the Caribbean for the first time and saw they had an impressive army. Nearly all the island was occupied; an entire fleet was covering everything from Cuba to my border. But I became optimistic. Their aircraft looked mostly like supply or transport planes, and their ships were almost or entirely patrol ships. I began training only destroyers and by now my economy was doing great. I kept training all my naval units, and within about two years my navy included almost 2,000 destroyers and 4,000 patrol boats and Central America gave me almost 2,000 transport ships.

Who is the boss of the sea now, Jack Sparrow?

Enough waiting, war was declared. I had meanwhile been training mass numbers of bombers, and they exceeded 50 units. The patrol ships and land units couldn't hurt them, so the bombers constantly picked away at all of the Caribbean’s units, and my destroyers quickly obliterated the navy and at least 90% of the ground units that they could hit.

I sent all my units in Central America (about 5,000) to make landfall in Cuba, having captured a naval base there in prime condition. They landed and fuel became an issue again. However so many units landed that they forced my units to expand and take bases and cities, and once they became operational (meaning about 3 months later) I had fresh supply. I took control of Cuba then my navy wasted all that remained of the Caribbean. Strangely my transport ships didn't want to load anymore units anywhere, so I could find only one transport ship that had a unit still waiting to be unloaded. I sent that one unit into the Caribbean’s remaining large island and with that one unit I moved into their capital. Then a message popped up.

World, be prepared!

I spent about a year upgrading things and researching, but my economy was slow so I wanted to get the war with South America over with. Since my units numbered over 15,000, my air forces over 7,000 and my navy over 12,000.... my computer was running very slow. It took about two minutes for one game day to pass, and it took me about nine months to conquer South America. Usually I attack them on two fronts - east coast and west.... This time, since my computer was slow and it would take forever controlling two fronts, I just sent huge numbers of units down the west coast.

Well you know how the story unfolds.

The greatest thing was that their treasury exceeded 1,000,000M, so when I conquered them my treasury went from 27,000M to over a 1,000,000M. I doubled research funding, particularly for Fusion power.

Then within two weeks, literally every single region declared war against me.

And here I remain. America verses the world. The road may be tough, my forces are triple that of all the other regions combined, but I must make landfall in the east somehow, somewhere, and go from there. The most obvious target is Africa since it will be relatively easy. Europe has been trying to send aircraft against me, across the Atlantic, but they keep crashing on their return trip when they realize they are too far, stupid Europeans.
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