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World Scenerio

#1 Post by felinis » May 17 2006

Well, last week I finished and won the World scenerio in single player mode. I turned on the quick construction option and aggressive AI. Normal diffeculty level with no WMDs. I chose to be North America.

It took two REAL months to complete.

General Observations -

Somewhere in the scenerio you are adviced that satillite recon is very important - this is absolutely true. You should begin building and launching recon satillites immediately. They also offer communication satillites, but I have no idea what they do.

Amphibious operations are also vital - if you are not given a lot of transport ship to begin with, start building them ASAP.

I defeated the other regions in the following order - South America, Africa, Middle-East, India/Pakastan, Europe, South-East Asia and finally Oceania.

Except for South America, it is impossible to win a whole region. When they finally surrender, they fragment and huge pieces of your prize go to your other enemies. Then you have to win those pieces back again.

A good strategy might be to pre-occupy the border areas of an enemy region prior to that region's surrender. Then when you win the region, you will already control the border areas that would normally be ceeded to ajoining enemy regions.

Many of the regions did not surrender until they has less that 1% military confidence. This suggests that you would do best by putting off taking a region's capital city until their military conference has reached a very low level.

I refer to enemy regions because the diplomatic model is so screwed up that I made no attempts at diplomacy. I just started building units like crazy and attacking as soon as possible. Someone was buying my exports through-out the game - don't ask me who.

Actually building units is not so important, as I mainly used captured enemy units to do my fighting. The only problem is that your enemy regions have very few supply trucks, so you must build plenty of those.

Aircraft have very little importance, except for air-dropping marines and special forces. As you conquer more and more regions, you accumulate huge numbers of units and it becomes nearly impossible to micro-manage them all. So I concentrated on land units, especially armor.

All thru the game I built hundreds of modern-high performance aircraft, but it was too much trouble to transport them across the Atlantic. They were never used. I did use my air transport planes and tankers to move my airborne forces to Africa.

I had to win just one election - after that there did not seem to be any more - a bug? The games lasted for a LOT of game years.

I built up NA continental defenses and advance bases in Iceland and Hawaii - another waste of time. No AI in the game will challenge you on the land, let alone send any ships or planes after you.

I got really high on the research tree, but none of the advanced tech units that I built every got used. Probably my economy and infrastructures benefited from the tech, but not my military. Fusion Plants are very cool.

I had missile silos all over the world but nothing to shoot from them.

I closed hundreds of ports, bases and air-strips, but kept all of my airbases open - this gave me an almost endless supply of missiles towards the end of the game.

If you don't go back and scrap un-used bases and supply depots, then when a region surrenders to you you will not have enough military personnel to staff all of the new bases that you won, including airbases for your new planes. These planes will just fall from the sky - very sad.

I emptied SA of units and scrapped ALL of its bases, except for sea piers near oil-derricks. Then I used SA's units to conquer Africa. Then I scrapped all of Africa's bases, except those bordering Europe and the Mid-East.

When you conquer a poor region like SA or Africa, you have to go in and build infrastructures for them, farms to feed them, consumer goods plants to cloth them and fresh water plants to hydrate them.

Constantly improve your best facilities and destroy the weak, ineffecient ones that you win when you conquer a new region. Destroy your petrolium-burning electric plants in favor of hydro and nuclear power. Do not invest in plant effeciency, just capacity.

Putting un-used units into reserve saves you about 20% in operation costs - well worth the savings.

Towards the end-game ignore AA, especially the hand-held, un-mounted kind - enemy aircraft are not that numerious or destructive, and most of the enemies don't have missiles, or their AIs can't use the ones that the do have. I sold off all of my AA at the end.

More later.

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