French Blitz in Spain

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French Blitz in Spain

#1 Post by Khorne » Jan 08 2006

I did this game on the demo while waiting for my copy of the game.I decided to play as a united france so i could see if i could overwhelm the spanish nation in a tide of wine drunken frenchmen :-). So i began the senario got the economy togeather and mobalized the entire french army to the pyrennese mountains the invasion would be supported by the atlantic and Mediterrainian fleets . i moved all artillary behind the invasion force to make short work of the border troops i then paused the game and set courses for the airfleets to go by and set them to attack the key millitary and naval hotspots that would soon become a threat to the advancing troops and naval forces so then i set the defcon to high after declaring war then i un paused it and whatched as the plan worked as i calculated :D. The enemys land and naval forces around barcelona were crushed by the massive air raids and my adavancing foreign legions were advancing qikly with artillary support close behind and in the first week the spanish forces were being beatin badly in the north front within the second week barcelona was already being sourrounded and the infantry within the metro barcelona area began to dig in for my attack. The invasion of barcelona was finished so i soon began moving my forces to take the military bases and bridges about 10 hexes north of the spanish capitol soon ii was to prepare for the largest land/air in history the spanish east cost was well under control by then and the 2nd army was advancing west to help out my exusted forces in the battle as my forces began to bog down because of lack of fuel and ammo i had to end the war fast or suffer terrible retribution so i paused the game and began ordering my entire airforce to converge over madrid and decimate the spanish defenders :evil: I unpaused the game and watched as the enemy was wiped out and my forces marched threw madrid victorisly and the spanish sighned an unconditional surrendur effectivly ending the war and uniting spain and france.I then turned my greedy eyes to portugal and assemmbled all of my resources ALL OF THEM on the border within a month portugal was obliterated by the francospanish forces i unleshed on them and the game ended with a total victory.
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