Bear Flag Republic Continues: California Unified.

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Bear Flag Republic Continues: California Unified.

#1 Post by Custodius » Dec 21 2005

August 2013
Unified California
Treasure Island Capitol Building

The Mayor of Los Angeles, the director of the Dominion of Southern California and the Chairman of the Agri-Corp Alliance have all just signed the surrender and incorporation documentation with Regent Feinstein. I hate those ceremonies. Endless parades of politicians and luminaries. The only reason I didn’t wear a cocktail dress to this party was because I told the Regent I would disobey the order to do so. My formal greens are plenty nice enough. I’m not here to win a modeling contract, despite what Hector Juarez, Mayor of Los Angeles would like to tell me.

After I forced the Agri-Combine back to Redding, it was a simple matter of digging in and letting economic take it course. The Agri-Corp no longer had a profitable base by which to pay their soldiers and purchase equipment. I had seized the vast bulk of their cashe’s and supplies. On the civilian front, the Bear Flag Republic controlled the majority of the electrical generation in Northern California, resulting in widespread outages in the Agri-Combine. It was waiting game once that point was reached and the Regent allowed me to run the war my way.

Southern California, containing both the Dominion and Los Angeles, was just as simple. Once the northern front was stable, I was able to move my offensive units such as long range artillery and Armor to the southern border. I put the Armor in to a refitting program in Modesto, near the border to take advantage of a new communications system that UC Berkeley developed while a squadron of new F-22 Raptors the Regent purchased from the World Market was rebased to Stockton, close enough for good coverage and far enough back to not be venerable on the ground.

The Regent engaged in a military alliance of convenience with Los Angeles, given the Dominion’s military superiority. With their control of 29 Palms, China Lake, Fort Ord and several other powerful military bases, as well as San Diego and its naval bases, the Dominion would be much harder to bring down. At this point, our military was about as large as we could afford given our economic positioning. Exports were going well according to the Trade Commissioner, but the tax base was still recovering and we were struggling to make bond payments. If the Combine got frisky, I needed to be ready to be imaginative with the tactics I used.

I started by decommissioning several military bases in the north that I had captured. The supplies I recovered allowed me to refurbish a small fleet of Huey Helo’s and train an airborne insertion team. I wanted to cut the head off the snake when it first reared its head to strike. It took some work with the Regent, getting her to agree to a preemptive strike. It came with conditions, of course. They had to be moving in to an attack posture, they had to be confirmed to be preparing to strike… typical CYA political contingencies. She didn’t want to be seen as the aggressor.

The World Market had made clear its displeasure with the policies and practices of the Dominion, so I didn’t feel horribly worried about the possible political repercussions of a war with an aggressive force. I kept the AWACS flying, but further back from the border than before while lowering DEFCON to peacetime levels. My officer corps knew the play, so there was little preparation lost. Units were fueled, armed and ready to roll at a moments notice while giving the appearance to the Dominion of a placated force unready for a surprise attack.

When the AWACS picked up hostile forces moving north from 30 miles in their border, we knew about it and they didn’t know we knew. When they hit 20, I started the engines. When they hit 10, the Regent was alerted. When they hit 5, we launched. It was a Hail Mary play. Skirmishers from the Metro-Guard held their assault force in pace with prepared defenses while my Raptors and Hornets pounded their air defenses. Out of the Sierras I brought down armor while my Huey’s moved down the mountains with elite Green Berets and Airborne forces.

Within two weeks, Bakersfield was mine and the Dominion oil fields were captured. Los Angeles pushed south for San Diego, splitting their force pools. The entire southern half of the great valley fell, leaving the Bear Flag Republic in control of the agricultural resources for the entire state. It was around now that the Agri-Corp alliance surrendered, freeing up my northern troops as well as the newly acquired Agri-Corp assets for a push through to China Lake.

The push was a success. Without oil and without refining capability, the Combine’s military ground to a halt. It’s air cover was denied by its fuel shortage and I simply bypassed their armored units when they ran out of fuel. Within a week, the Combine surrendered.

It goes without saying that now that we were the dominant power, the Mayor of Los Angeles was all to willing to discuss peaceful reintegration with California.

The Agricultural-Corporate Alliance: Surrendered
The Southern Californian Combine: Surrendered
The City of Los Angeles: Surrendered
The Bear Flag Republic: Obsolete.

The great state of California stands united once again.

But the stories just starting. The Northwest and South East have reunified as well, setting the stage for a three way political struggle. A reunification vote is scheduled, but California lacks the overt population. We do however, have the Economy. And a highly trained military.

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