The Bear Flag Republic

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The Bear Flag Republic

#1 Post by Custodius » Dec 20 2005

May 2010
MetroGuard HQ
Oakland, Bear Flag Republic (SF-Bay Area)

War is a dirty business,

But I am a very dirty woman, or at least my husband says so.

I'm Colonel Marietta Jackson, Commander of the SF-Metro Guard's East Bay division. I could take the time to educate you, the reader, as to the historical footnotes to give this text context, or I could trust that you, the reader, are already intimately familiar with the depression, breakup and reconsolidation going on across the world and more importantly, next door.

My command is not vast. Ten Battalions of National Guard, two battalions of M1-Abrhams battle tanks and a handful of towed artillery. My main headquarters is the former Oakland Army Base. Decommissioned long ago, but reactivated, this sprawling complex was refitted with advanced training and fabrication plants.

I've retooled the New United Motors plant in Fremont to start churning out HumVee's and Artillery. It didn't take much convincing, with the supply of parts from Japan for its Toyota trucks no longer flowing. My second major investment was to reactivate the Naval Air Station in Alameda. Given

My command is not vast, but it is motivated and well funded. The conservative Agri-Corporate alliance of Northern California surrounds us, with only Santa Clara County to the south sharing a border with the Southern Californian Dominion. Right in the middle of everything, that’s us. The Bear Flag Republic.

I've had this command for nearly 3 months now, installed by Regent Pro-Tem Dianne Feinstein, long time senator and former Mayor of San Francisco. She's a pragmatic woman, not averse to getting her hands dirty in the business of war and governance.

It's a refreshing change from the current Mayor of San Francisco, Tom Amiano who until recently fashioned himself as el queso gordo. Flaming liberal from the heart of the Castro. Nice enough fellow but not the sort of man who inspires much beyond revulsion and pastel colors.

I don't like those sorts.

Luckily, R-PT Feinstien stepped in with a stabilizing hand and drew together Solano, San Francisco, Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, Contra Costa and Santa Clara counties in to a loose confederation. She has since drawn us tighter together in the face of Agri-Corp and Dominion raids on our industry and stockpiles. She put me in charge of shoring up the eastern front and to secure as needed, foodstuffs that the Agri-Corp refused to trade for.

It's like Irish cattle raids, or maybe a panty raid from youth-camps. Only with guns and increasing levels of violence. But then again, is this not a fight for survival? I don't make any illusions that I am a virtuous person, fighting for the side of good and right. I'm fighting for something much more important than right or wrong on someone’s moral compass. I'm fighting for my family and my home, to see them prevail rather than be the conquered.

And for that, I'll invade your home, smash your economy and slaughter your family as needed. Because you would do this to me. That said, I've got the Guard on a purely defensive posture. We aren’t aggressive and we can't really afford protracted military maneuvers. We can't even afford a significant military buildup at the moment.

We have a small population, but high economic and manufacturing capability in comparison to our neighbors. A recent raid by Agri-Corp forces left several of our tidal generators ruined, resulting in widespread brownouts. The Regent's economic man predicts it will be at least four months before we can stabilize the power grid, and that’s just to levels we enjoyed before the attacks, not to include growth.

Our petrol fields are vastly under worked and our researchers at Moffet are under funded. Unemployment is rife, which while lowering the tax base, does create a ready pool of willing soldiers. Lt. Juarez has just informed me of an incursion in to Livermore by Agri-Corp forces. I will report more later.

August, 2011

The Defensive posture has continued by order of the Regent. The Pro-tem has been dropped from her title by the County Council. UC Berkeley, in return for funding has agreed to assist in the research and development of technology for our defense and infrastructure.

There have been no further incursions, based partly on the additional funding for expansion of the Guard I received from the County Council. The East Bay Guard consists now of 15 National Guard battalions and 7 Tank Platoons as well as now, from Naval Air station Alameda, a flight of F-18 Fighter-bombers. I've secured from Moffet Field, an AWACS airborne detection platform which has allowed me to move my troops in advance of any hostile forces.

While the buildup is good, it's also putting my neighbors on alert. Sources indicate that Sacramento has engaged in a buildup to match, which forces the Dominion to match suit. Given the encirclement of Los Angeles, I can only assume a likewise buildup is taking place there.

Power Generation has stabilized and the oil fields have been modestly expanded. Nearly 140,000 men are under arms in the SF-Metro now.

January 2012

As I expected based on border troop movements, the Agri-Corp alliance has declared war. I would say less declared, than made. A missile downed a civilian craft and precipitated the situation and the Agri-Corp Alliance refused to apologize, claiming we had been spying. Well, we had, but not with that aircraft. They claimed for our provocation, they chose to settle the matter with national fisticuffs.

From my airborne command platform, the AWACS Patrol aircraft I've cristened the Montclair. The initial thrust came from Sacramento down the Interstate 80 corridor, branching off at Fairfield to come down in to Contra Costa and Solano Counties. I moved several battalions north to intercept and assist northern command while several more held firm in Livermore.

Air strikes were punishing until I brought mobile anti-air forward from Oakland, but the enemy broke its teeth on my entrenchments and artillery, allowing a swift push out from our lines. Swiftly, I took Stockton, Lodi and Modesto, securing both additional power generation and agricultural resources. I did not drive south anymore, instead, leaving the lands untouched and still in Agri-combine hands to avoid a larger border with the Southern Dominion. Rumblings from that quarter indicate a continued buildup along the border.

I left a minimal border guard, pausing in Stockton for a few days to resupply and refit my troops before we pushed north.

I drove north along the Sierra Nevada mountain range, at the far edge of my supply network to encircle Sacramento as quickly as possible, cutting off reinforcements while the other elements of the metro guard pushed the Agri-Corp forces out of Marin and Solano counties. I held my position ruthlessly, using artillery and air strikes to keep the enemy Armor at bay while my infantry dug in at Chico and Auburn. There would be no escape for the capitol as the other elements of the Guard rolled north from Fairfield.

The only thing that held me back from invading the capitol was the Regent’s desire to attempt diplomatic solutions to the situation. An invasion of Sacramento was bound to cost both sides dearly.

March 2012

The Regent has made two decisions of note.

One: She has decided that the Agri-Combine is in unwilling to negotiate an end to hostilities, and citing world market support, she has dedicated the Guard to reunifying the Metro area and Northern California by force.

Two: She has also named me commander of all Metro forces. I am now General of the Guard. Jim was pleased while Jesus, my son, simply thought the star was ‘shiny’.

I have met with the Colonels of the Air force and Navy. The navy was hit hard in the attack but the Abraham Lincoln, our carrier, held the line with the Black Skulls Squadron of F-14 tomcats and long range missile fire. The air force took heavy damage and much of our aircraft are offline and our transport capacity cut in half after the sacking of Sacramento. The Agri-Corp Alliance moved their capitol north, to Eureka.

The upside is that our territory increased by four fold after we took Ukiah. The Agri-combine has been pushed back to Redding and Eureka, with the north valley as a battleground. Artillery has been set up and we exchange rounds daily with the Agri-combine forces, but we hold the valley.

I received a commendation from the Regent for my actions and plans, the San Francisco Star. Of course, I now have Mayor Amiano of San Francisco calling for my removal after I I told him to keep his hand off my husbands ass at the award ceremony.

On the upside, my military approval shot through the roof.

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