The Commonwealth

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The Commonwealth

#1 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

Hello all,

I am new, and I have found that I am recently addicted to Supreme Ruler.

I have played a couple of scenarios, and am now working on my first campaign.

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The Reunion

#2 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

On May 20, 2010 through a freak food poisoning accident, I was promoted from Lt. Governor to Governor of the Great Commonwealth of Virginia.

I immediately focused on the economy, first I moved all of the power production to nuclear. I found my economy guzzled petroleum and sought to stock up on uranium for future use. Also as my flow of ores was insufficient – I sought to create a stockpile of these also.

My first year was not very eventful, a few units were sold, I won my first election by 14 points in a three way race.

On January 6, 2011 the governor of Kentucky declared war on the Commonwealth, and we mobilized. But not wanting to fight Kentucky – if Virginians would be put at risk it would be over something important, and Kentucky had no oil – I offered them 3 billion in aid for a cease-fire. On January 15th, a cease fire was signed without a shot fired.

The next day, I would find out (I had a squadron of E-2 recon planes on the western border) Kentucky had eagerly marched into West Virginia. For the next three months they fought over the same 100km square along I-64 between Charleston and Lexington. I offered alliances but neither side would have any of it but both had technologies they were willing to trade for the designs on Nimitz class carriers. I figure they thought they could build them on the Ohio River.

For three months I watched the war, before on April 19, West Virginia declared war on the Commonwealth, there would be open fighting between us and the rebel counties for the first time in 145 years. Well, not quite, West Virginia forces had managed to make it in 12 miles through Highland county before the World Market vote on April 20th.

On April 21st, by an over-whelming margin (we won a clear majority), the Commonwealth of Virginia had returned to her 1780 boundaries.

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Storm Brews

#3 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

Three months later, the World Market had optioned a vote for the entire southeast, the old confederacy, minus Texas, plus the western counties of the new Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth could not wait, we needed fuel, badly. Louisiana rebuffed all attempts at diplomacy and the gulf coast was not being properly utilized, Louisiana must fall. In the last ten days of July, a series of negotiations between the Commonwealth and Georgia led to a non-aggression treaty and full transit treaties (and the lightening of almost 2.5 billion from the Virginia treasury).

On the 25th of July, the newly named “Gulf Fleet” of four of each CG-47 and DD-51 set steam for the Gulf, as well as the CSMs (Commonwealth’s Submersible) Wilder, Dalton and Henry of the Governor class (you may know them by their former name, the Seawolf class). On August 3rd the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Leg Amphibious Units and 1st Mechanized Amphibious Units headed for the gulf. [1 LAU. 2 LAU. 3 LAU and 1 MAU]

For those of you unfamiliar with the organization of the Commonwealth’s Marines a Leg Amphibious Unit is 4 battalions of Marine Infantry, 2 battalions of Humvee equipped engineers and a battalion of amphibious anti-tank vehicles with organic transport (a Tarawa class carrier), air support (one each attack and ASW helocopters) and a destroyer and frigate as escort. A Mechanized Amphibious Unit is similar, except the marines are mounted in amphibious APCs and the engineers have armored vehicles and the transport is upgraded to a Wasp class. But the 3 LAU did not have its AT and the 1 MAU lacked its helicopter support.

VA starts with a huge navy, and I have only added to that.

In addition, the Virginia Mechanized Infantry Division [VMI] was dispatched to Memphis, the Light Infantry Division was sent east of Columbus [MS] [LID], the Richmond Heavy Infantry Division to Mobile [RHI], with the 1st and 2nd Armor Divisions {1AD and 2AD] between the LID and RHI. The 1st Airborne [1AB] was sent in theatre but held at Ft. Campbell. The Supply Helocopter Brigade [SHB-Chinooks] and the Assault Helocopter Division [AHT- UH-60s] were committed to theatre as were the Naval Fighter Group [NFG], Naval Air Superiority Group [NAS], Air Superiority Group [ASW], and the 1st and 2nd Fighter Group [1FG, 2FG] amounting to about 35 assorted squadrons of F-14s, F-14As, F-14Ds, F-15Cs, F-16s, F18A/Cs, F-4s and F-111s. The 1st Anti-Aircraft Brigade was also stationed on the MS border about ½ way between Mobile and Columbus.

Once again a Division is about 15 battalions of a certain mix, while a independent Brigade is 4 or 5 battalions generally of a single type and a Regiment is 3 or less battalions. A wing is 10 squadrons for a certain mission but none of the fighter wings were up to strength and the RHI was still missing an infantry battalion, that would muster in late September. Units with the Richmond designation generally have over-strengthed battalions.

This left only a handful of Garrison battalions, the Virginia Engineer Regiment [VER], 1st Missile Brigade [1MB], 300 odd Tomahawk missiles and what ever could be mustered from the Leg Infantry Divisions that were in production in case of a North Carolina attack.

Yes, I had two large Military bases going to build up forces in the previous scenario, in fact when KY declared war on me, I could only mobilize a couple of battalions – doh!

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...lLike a Gulf Coast Hurricane

#4 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

Consulting with the commanders, August 26 was chosen as the D-Day and at 6PM the declaration of war was faxed to the Louisiana Governor [the game calls this Arkansas, but the capital is Baton Rouge and I choose to call it Louisiana].

By 8 PM the Naval battle had started, in the first volley, the surprised Louisiana Navy lost two frigates, and there were some small exchanges of fire across the Mississippi River at my troops in Memphis. The naval battle raged for 24 hours and 2 Louisiana Cruisers (Tico class) were sunk by the Gulf Fleet and the Wilder and the Henry in hails of missile fire. At 6PM the Gulf Fleet was ordered into Lake Ponchartrain to provide shelling and anti-aircraft fire. By noon the fighting at Memphis had ended.

LOSSES FOR AUGUST 26th and 27th

VA: 119 soldiers
LA: 6 Battalions (4 were ships)

On August 28th there was resumed skirmishing at Memphis. Having secured the Gulf, the NAS and ASW was flown in to achieve air superiority over the Mississippi river delta and Arkansas. The Gulf Fleet anti-aircraft achieved a similar result in south Louisiana.


VA: 25 soldiers
LA: no more battalions lost

For my enemies I am only reporting the battalions lost.

At 6AM, the Amphibious Units were given the word that the gulf was safe and they could approach the shore, they set steam with the invasion force.

To prepare for the actual invasion, the 1FG was ordered to bomb the Little Rock area, while the NFG and 2FG bombed the Pascagoula/Camp Shelby area (Coastal Mississippi). ASW and NAS maintained Combat Air Patrol over the north and central parts of the region. At sunset, while sailing into the lake, the laggard elements of the Gulf Fleet would be surprised by a cruiser (Tico) sailing out of Pascagoula. The cruiser was sunk but a Commonwealth destroyer and cruiser were both damaged in the fight.


VA: 385 soldiers (mostly on the two damaged ships)
LA: 5 Battalions (1 ship)

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The rest of August

#5 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

The plan at this point was simple. The RHI and 2AD would head west along the gulf coast and north of Lake Ponchartrain, while the amphibious forces would push north along the Louisiana coast. The forces would meet at the Lake Ponchartrain Bridge and in Baton Rouge. The 1AD would head west along I-20 cutting the region in half. In the north, the LID would make quick grabs along the AL/MS border and then act as a mobile reserve. The VMI would head out I-40 to take Little Rock and then punch north where the 1AB would be waiting for them.

At 6AM on August 30 the go orders were given, the following objectives were set (from the north)
The 1AB would drop a brigade on each of Rogoers (3rd BGD), Springdale (2nd BGD) and Ft. Smith (1st BGD) by AHT.
The VMI would advance to Little Rock and then receive new orders based on the strategic situation.
The LID would send a brigade to each of Tupelo (3rd BGD), Columbus (2nd BGD) and Columbus AFB (3rd BGD) and hold for further notice.
The 1AD would make a dash for Thompson Field and Jackson, then be sent on.
The 2AD would take Hattiesburg and Camp Shelby.
The RHI would take Pascagoula (3rd BGD), Biloxi (2nd BGD) and set up an HQ at Keesler AFB (I BGD)

By 8AM there was little resistance west of Memphis and the VMI would take Southaven and be well on the way to Little Rock. There was fighting at Columbus and the Battle of Pascagoula/Camp Shelby had begun. By noon the town of Pascagoula in the south and Columbus AFB in the center were occupied. Four hours later, Tupelo, Columbus and Meridian had been taken in the center and the LID was sitting as a reserve. Pascagoula Naval Base and Gulfport in the south had been taken, but there was heavy fighting to the northwest of Gulfport, the 2AD was halted 25 miles east of Camp Shelby by forward infantry. The Gulf Fleet had shut down the Lake Ponchartrain bridge, forcing engineers to retreat back south.

At 10PM the 1 LAU lands southeast of the New Orleans research center, too late to divert reinforcements from the Pascagoula area.


VA: 326 soldiers
LA: 11 battalions
2 ships and 8 squadrons of aircraft ordered home for repairs.

In the early morning, of the 31st, Keesler AFB, was captured completing the objectives of the RHI, they now turned north on Camp Shelby. In addition, 1AB had captured Ft Smith, Rogers and Springdale with only light fighting in Rogers (well the 1FG actually got there the previous evening). 1st Brigade, 1AB was meeting resistance at the Ft. Smith Regional Airport and the AHT was providing support fire.

The VMI allowed itself to get flanked on the way to Little Rock and Louisana troops had retaken Southaven and a stretch of I-40 just west of Memphis, the 3rd Brigade of the LID was sent to retake Southaven.

By noon, the battle for Camp Shelby had blossomed into a full out battle, with at least a division of infantry facing the 2AD (minus a brigade which had deployed to Memphis and would not arrive for several days) and the RHI. All amphibious units had landed and the coast was secured. The 3rd LAU is ordered to take Lake Charles, 2nd LAU lands in the Atchafalaya basin and is ordered to Lafayette, while the 1st MAU lands west of Houma and is ordered to Laplace. LID mops up along the GA/LA border.


VA: 1014 soldiers
LA: 6 battalions
3 battalions and 8 air squadrons return from the front for repair.

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The Lights Come On

#6 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

We celebrated a huge victory on the first of September, the electricity came back on in Virginia after the upgrading had caused shortages. Oh, and New Orleans fell around one in the morning, but the fighting continued on until the Gulf Fleet shelled the fight out of the suburbs.

Little Rock is captured but Camp Robinson holds out, as does the Little Rock AFB.

The 1AD makes it to Thompson Field, out of gas. There is a counter attack at Jonesboro, repulsed easily. Southaven is recaptured and the 3rd Brigade, LID is ordered to continue and secure the Mississippi river to the north. The rest of the LID is ordered to secure the east central area, but to avoid Camp McCain and the forces there. This would be a tragic mistake.

That evening Lafayette is captured. LA armored units from Camp McCain retake Jackson and cut the supply line of the 1AD. The 1AD is stuck without fuel, though air support prevents the enemy from attacking them. The 2nd Brigade of the LID is ordered to reopen supply to Thompson Field and the SHB to resupply the 1AD. At the time the SHB is sitting at Richmond International Airport, it will be days before the 1AD moves again. The 1AB is to take smaller towns in the Arkansas country side over the next couple of days.


VA: 1026 soldiers
LA: 17 battalions

3 battalions and 7 air squadrons return from the front for repair.

The second of September saw a slowing down, the Ft. Smith RAP surrendered, but there was still heavy fighting at Camp Shelby, though only a small brigade/large regiment of defenders were left. A single battalion of light infantry hold I-20 and have stopped the 1AD dead in their tracks. A beat up brigade holds off a similarly beat up VMI, which is running low on supplies, though the road is open. Most towns in Arkansas are held. In south Louisiana only Baton Rouge and Opelousas hold out. Fighting has started in Baton Rouge, but there are supply shortages.

In the early evening, the LID reopens supply and Camp Shelby falls (after 3 days of fighting), but the General of the Air Wing grounds the entire wing.


VA: 746 soldiers
LA: 8 battalions

A brigade still holds Camp Robinson and the 3rd Brigade, LID is ordered back from the northeast corner to Little Rock. 1st Brigade, LID is ordered to scout ahead of the 1AD and to take Monroe. Pilots of the AHT report seeing “boatloads” of B-52s circling over Barksdale AFB. 1AA is ordered to meet the LID at Monroe. The Gulf Fleet is ordered up the Mississippi to shell Baton Rouge.


VA: 929 soldiers (the VMI is in active retreat from Little Rock)
LA: 1 battalion

By September 4th, Little Rock has become a slug fest. Elements of the VMI (those not in retreat), the 3rd Brigade, LID, UH-60s from the AHT, and 1AB Battalions are fighting to secure Camp Robinson and the Little Rock AFB from Special Forces, but the 1AD is moving again, towards Shreveport and Barksdale.


VA: 339 soldiers
LA: 1 battalion

Significant progress is made, Camp Robinson is captured in the morning, but retreating Louisianans hold up in Benton until nightfall. After 5 days, the battle for Little Rock is over. Alexandria is taken with surprising light fighting from the military base there. Louisiana is broken and in rout.


VA: 359 soldiers
LA: 8 battalions

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Don't Look Up

#7 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

Louisiana may be broken, but there is still some fight left. Approaching Bossier City the 1st Brigade, LID takes missile and is ordered to withdraw, but the second volley (from B-52s) destroys the brigade headquarters, and the Brigade scatters. Before escaping, a second battalion of the 1st BGD, LID is destroyed. 1AA is moved forward of Monroe.
Note: Losing a brigade headquarters really sucks. For my sanity, the quick keys only pull up the Brigade HQs for everything not amphibious or helicopter mobile. The other brigade elements are ordered to escort these HQs – so if I lose a Brigade HQ, my command and control goes away. I also can put 2 or three divisions per key on this way.

Raiders from Camp McCain take Jackson, again.


VA: 717 soldiers, 2 battalions
LA: 1 battalion.

Baton Rouge falls, as does Shreveport, but a battalion of the 1AD ‘s engineers is destroyed (2nd Brigade HQ) on the 7th. On the 8th raiders from Camp McCain retake Tupelo and another of the 1AD’s engineer battalions is destroyed (3rd Brigade, HQ) and no soldiers are will to get any where near Shreveport, even though we continue to hold it. 17,000 civilians were lost to B-52 bombings in North Louisiana, their own relatives – the savages the commander is to be hung in Bossier City. Late on the 9th the 1AB retakes Tupelo, and Louisiana surrenders at midnight.

Leaving me ready for a nap, the Commonwealth’s forces battered and 90 working B-52s for the Commonwealth of Virginia.


VA: 855, 2 battalions
LA: 1 battalion


VA: 7940 Soldiers. 4 battalions
LA: 38,000 odd soldiers, 69 battalions.

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#8 Post by Richmonder » Dec 12 2005

Well, I have to leave it here for a while. My economy needs some TLC (and my air force is down for a good month) and I am not sure what to do next. North Carolina is getting agitated but I hear there is oil in thos everglades.

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#9 Post by tkobo » Dec 13 2005

Enjoyed the read very much.

Nice kill count also .
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